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  2. Showbiz Most: Uno Least: Overdue Origin Most: New Born Least: Screenager Abso Most: Butterflies and hurricanes Least: Falling Away With You BHaR Most: Knights of Cydonia Least: Exo-Politics (Burning Bandits was SO much better, as was the original Debase Mason's Grog)
  3. Each album is brilliant in a different way, it's hard to compare them.
  4. The song revolves around a cycle of F#, G, and D, with the D being substituted for Bm in the chorus. Having said that I think it's in the key of Bm. Interesting though, anyone else?
  5. As some of you will know, on Absolution Dom and Chris voted to have The Small Print on the album instead of Fury, which was Matt's preferred choice (and is the Japanese bonus track). However I think Fury is a far superior track, and wondered what other people thought.
  6. I performed Blackout live at a GCSE Music showcase, I would send people the file but nerves got the better of me and it's a bit rubbish! I did it great in the rehearsal, my teacher said it was the best performance When Muse opened their encore (if that's the right way to put it) with Blackout, it was absolutely spot on. They said they'd mess about with their sets, so Blackout may make a re-appearance.
  7. I'd be careful - 'opinions are like arseholes, everyone has them and they all stink'
  8. I think the appeal of 'Map...' is the arrangement of it. It's quite a simple song when broken down, but the layers put together make it work. I'd be interested to hear what the acoustic version sounds like (a Starlight B-side if my info is correct).
  9. Very interesting that Assassin came last in the vocal category. Matt's vocals aren't as stonkingly brilliant as they usually are, but the backing vocals used in the chorus are amazingly clever. I blame Dom's awesome drumming
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