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    Hi, I'm Charlie, a mad Muse fan and a professional musician at the early stage of my career. Check out my links for my album!
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  1. Hi guys, I have just recently released a self-funded, self-produced original album called Cascades for which I am the composer. It is heavily influenced by Muse and Ludovico Einaudi and is very varied, something for everyone hopefully. On the whole, it is a relaxing, mellow listen. If you could have a listen, that would be fantastic, youtube likes and comments are very much appreciated. It is on itunes and amazon should you wish to buy it. iTunes Amazon Charlie Boyle
  2. Chaz

    My Album Attempt

    Hi guys. I'm attempting to record my first original album at the moment and have launched this video and channel as part of the build up to it. There will be a few videos coming, one of which will be A MUSE COMPILATION so if you could keep an eye on it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Would really value some feedback and likes on youtube itself as well, thanks ever so much and watch this space. Charlie
  3. Showbiz: Muscle Museum Origin of Symmetry: New Born should be played EVERY show. Absolution: Endlessly. Beautiful live. Black Holes and Revelations: Assassin. Hullabaloo: Shine Acoustic B-Side: Glorious. Why oh WHY is this never played live. Chaz
  4. Good things about the album The Resistance has, in my opinion, the best theme so far of all Muse's album, I love the idea of it. It's structured beautifully, with the last three tracks rounded into one it makes the album consise and compact avoiding their message coming across in an overly 'preachy' manner. They experiment with different styles and cultures of music far more than in any other album, the album is dense in variety. Bad things about the album I think the jump from Absolution to Black Holes and Revelations was more of a jump than from Black Holes and Revelations to The Resistance. However, the first jump was massive, so its almost understandable. Their message at times becomes a little confusing with the many different styles of songs and music featured. Best track Exogenesis: Part III (Redemption), an incredibly beautiful and perfect ending to an album that I don't believe will ever be beaten. Worst track Guiding Light Favourite moment I couldn't choose one from Exogenesis: Part III (Redemption) Uprising - 8/10 Resistance - 9.5/10 Undisclosed Desires - 8/10 United States of Eurasia - 10/10 Guiding Light - 7.5/10 Unnatural Selection - 8.5/10 MK Ultra - 9.5/10 I Belong To You - 9/10 Exogenesis: Overture - 8.5/10 Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination - 9/10 Exogenesis: Redemption - 10/10 Chaz
  5. 5/5 Good things about the album Although Muse had progressed and evolved from album to album, Black Holes and Revelations is the album that sent them soaring into a world far beyond the limits of this one. They took music to a new level with every song. It's a very consistent, well-constructed, risky and daring album that shows the trio maturing from a 'band' to a trio of legendary musicians and writers. Bad things about the album Whilst I think the opening and closure of the album are both spectacular, the middle falls very slightly flat in comparison, but this is incredibly slight and I had to think a while on this heading. Best track Take A Bow, Knights of Cydonia and Glorious all tie for first. Worst track Invincible, though live, I admit, this is fantastic. Favourite moment The second half of Take A Bow. Take A Bow - 10/10 Starlight - 8.5/10 Supermassive Black Hole - 9/10 Map of the Problematique - 9/10 Soldier's Poem - 7.5/10 Invincible - 7.5/10 Assassin - 8/10 Exo-Politics - 8.5/10 City of Delusion 8.5/10 Hoodoo - 9/10 Knights of Cydonia - 10/10 Glorious - 10/10 Chaz
  6. 5/5 Good things about the album Personally my favourite album of all. Muse, since Origin of Symmetry have kept their sound, evolved it and matured it to a level second-to-none. It's with this album that we really see virtuoso that can't be matched. Aside from Intro and Interlude, you can no longer say there are weaker tracks than others, because they don't exist. Bad things about the album There genuinely isn't a bad thing about this album. Best track Stockholm Syndrome is in a league of its own and my favourite Muse track of all time. Tied for second is Hysteria, Butterflies and Hurricanes and Blackout. Worst track I feel terrible, but The Small Print. Favourite moment The finale of Stockholm Syndrome. Intro - N/A Apocalypse Please - 9/10 Time Is Running Out - 9/10 Sing For Absolution - 8.5/10 Stockholm Syndrome - 10/10 Falling Away With You - 8/10 Interlude - N/A Hysteria - 10/10 Blackout - 9.5/10 Butterflies and Hurricanes - 9.5/10 The Small Print - 8/10 Endlessly - 9/10 Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist - 8/10 Ruled by Secrecy - 9/10 Fury - 8/10 Chaz
  7. 5/5 Good things about the album What an album. The fact Muse progressed and evolved so far after a single previous album release is extraordinary. Showbiz had a unique sound. Origin of Symmetry has a revolutionary sound. It is the far more consistent album. Bad things about the album Still in their early stages, I think Muse could have re-arranged their tracks on the album in a more suitable order. I've always believed Dark Shines and Space Dementia should have switched places. Best track Has to be Plug In Baby, though tied for second place is pretty much every other track on the album! Worst track Very difficult to label this track with such a negative title, but Screenager. Favourite moment Has to be the finale of Megalomania, I get chills. New Born - 8.5/10 Bliss - 8.5/10 Space Dementia - 8.5/10 Hyper Music - 7/10 Plug in Baby - 9.5/10 Citizen Erased - 8.5/10 Micro Cuts - 7.5/10 Feeling Good - 8/10 Screenager - 7/10 Dark Shines - 8.5/10 Megalomania - 9/10 Futurism - 7.5/10 Chaz
  8. I gave it 3/5 rating it against Muse's other works. Good things about the album An incredibly strong and unique start. I also think this is the most difficult album to choose one definite favourite song from. Bad things about the album I don't think Showbiz was particularly ordered well in terms of its tracks. Too strong a first half, the second half is a letdown in comparison. Best track If I absolutely had to pick one, it would be Falling Down, absolutely beautiful track, very underrated. Followed closely by Muscle Museum and Cave. Worst track Overdue Favourite moment Difficult to argue with Matt's Showbiz-finale screams. Again, ratings based by comparing all of Muse's songs. Sunburn - 7/10 Muscle Museum - 9/10 Fillip - 7/10 Falling Down - 9.5/10 Cave - 9/10 Showbiz - 8.5/10 Unintended - 8.5/10 Uno - 6/10 Sober - 5.5/10 Escape - 6/10 Overdue - 5/10 Hate This and I'll Love You - 5.5/10 Spiral Static - 5.5/10 Chaz
  9. Happy birthday, fellow January 12 baby! :awesome:

  10. happy B-day!

    Best wishes! =)


  11. My brief little review... A song that reminds us of the older, more 'raw' Muse... though not the best of the bunch. Good, as always, but not one of the best. HOWEVER... live, it's killer. One of the moments live that sends shivers down my spine is on the very last... 'OCEAN'... when Matt goes an octave higher... it's fantastic and leads into the last chorus so incredibly well. Chaz
  12. Recording - Knights Of Cydonia Live - New Born Chaz
  13. I feel so dirty posting this SHOWBIZ - Sober ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY - I feel horrible but it'd be Hyper Music if I had to choose, still an awesome song. ABSOLUTION - Probably go with TSP BLACK HOLES & REVELATIONS - Soldier's Poem RESISTANCE - Either UD or GL, can't decide. *washes self clean* Chaz
  14. Very very difficult. IN ORDER... only taken me like... days lol... 1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. Exo-Genesis Part III: Redemption 3. Take A Bow 4. Glorious 5. Hysteria 6. Blackout 7. Butterflies and Hurricanes 8. United States Of Eurasia 9. Endlessly 10. Space Dementia Chaz
  15. Awesome question. For me... Showbiz - Muscle Museum Origin Of Symmetry - Space Dementia (difficult as hell) Absolution - Stockholm Syndrome Black Holes - Take A Bow Hullabaloo - Shine Acoustic B-side - Glorious Very VERY difficult. Chaz
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