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  1. Ah, that lessens the disappointment a little. I have seen Muse around 10 times, so it was pretty much a no brainer of a decision for me to make, ok it didn't end well for me, but I hope all you Musers had a fantastic time tonight. Maybe I should look to see if there are any Bristol tickets available! Do you think that they will make Bristol even more special with some old gems?
  2. Had a massive dilemma on my hands for tonight. Was supposed to be going to the gig with my kids, but as a lifelong Spurs supporter, decided to stay at home to watch the Champions League final and let the Mrs take the kids. Spurs lost, so was somewhat disappointed, but not to the point of regretting my decision. That was until I saw that they played Bliss and Showbiz!!! My wife messaged me to say that the sound didn't seem to be up to the usual high standard of Muse. Also, I think that the Drones tour set the bar very high, and from what I have seen so far, the current tour doesn't quite reach the same level - I'd be interested to hear from those that saw both Drones and Simulation live.
  3. Has to be one of the worst setlists for some time and half the songs were performed badly / didn't sound right. Unless they pull a surprise out of the hat, I have to say that the highlight was Thought Contagen - it all went downhill from there.
  4. Is it just me, or is the sound slightly off - not up to their usual high standard. Also, Stockholm was poor - again, compared to all other times I have heard it played live.
  5. I think it's a great opening number. On the other hand, I just can't get into Dig Down.
  6. Well, other than a few duffers, that was the best Muse setlist ever. Pity that they couldn't resist ending with KoC, I mean, they've ended every gig for years with that. Tonight was about putting something different, something special, something VERY special on. Boy did they deliver! Finger's crossed that they will release the gig in audio or video format.
  7. Surely the band must be enjoying playing all these great songs so much more than the usual "latest album" promotion along with the better known songs. This setlist is to die for!!!
  8. I was at the O2 last Sunday and whilst being in the seats, the "atmosphere" wasn't as obvious, I did notice that in comparison to previous tours, the standing crowd did seem a bit subdued. I believe that the majority of blame lies with the 360 stage. The relaxed standing experience had been a common theme with most of the Drones tour and I certainly do not expect it to improve! Therefore it is up to the guys to decide as to whether they see this as a successful and enjoyable tour, and whether they should in future return to a more tradition set up. IMHO, what will decide the success of this tour is the layout of the stage AND the setlists.IF they decide to ignore the latter, then I believe that a lot of die hard fans will lose patience and look elsewhere. Be careful Matt & co, this could be the start of the end (although I sincerely hope not).
  9. How many other bands mix it up so much during a tour? In some regards it's good and others it's bad. I tend to lean on the good side, but must admit to feeling somewhat let down when I see what other dates have had. Went to the O2 on the 3rd and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the "experience", I was left feeling with the "somewhat let down" feeling. Really wanted Bliss, which we got, but NOT the brilliant live vocal of yesteryear. Never been a real fan of FG, but for some strange reason rather enjoyed it on the night. Biggest let down was no SS, AP or CE (all of which I have seen live before). I just feel that the guys owe it to us to acknowledge their back-list of songs more than they do - after all, that's what essentially got them to where they are now. I don't mind a few "popularist" [sp] radio songs, but it does seem that the balance has shifted to that direction. The visuals were amazing - as confessed by my 13yr old son who didn't want to go, but thoroughly enjoyed his 1st "proper" gig. BUT how long can Muse simply rely on pumping out the radio songs with a world class presentation? People will move on, whilst true hardcore fans will remain committed. The real concern being that the true fans will become disillusioned with the commercialization of our beloved. I am now left wondering whether to look for a ticket for next week in London, knowing that I could end up without the songs that I had wanted last weekend. At least with keeping the exact same setlist throughout the tour, you know what you're getting! Maybe if you're going to switch things up, then let people know what you're going to play on each night. At least then we can can make an informed decision on whether to part with our hard earned cash, at the same time letting the band know where they stand with their audience.
  10. GaryK26


    So I posted a couple of tickets for sale a few weeks back (at face value) for 11th Apr @ O2 and have heard nothing back whatsoever. Given that I really cannot make that date, I have no other option but to list on stubhub (now owned by ebay) where in order to recoup my costs (due to fees), I have had to list at above face value (£60 rather than £51). I've never been one to try and profiteer from gig tickets (having sold for other bands that I really wanted to see at a loss previously when unable to make it). So my question is, despite the bitching I hear about ticket profiteering, is Musebay really worthwhile/working? Going off at a slight tangent, the fact that we have to purchase tickets so far in advance, it is no surprise that these situations arise. For big time acts like Muse, there is no question of the ticket allocation being sold out (or at the very least, all but sold out), so why can't they start selling tickets much nearer the time - like a month or 6 weeks before the actual gig when people have a much better idea as to whether they will be able to attend.
  11. Spot on. Yes, last night I was hoping for at least 1 or 2 of MAP, CE, Bliss and MK, and was obviously disappointed. What is annoying is that tonight they played them all (and RBS)!!! Too bloody right I'm pissed off!!!
  12. Yes, Matt, you can tell the difference.... but it's not because of the fans, its because of the shit that you churdned out last night. Play a shit set and you'll get a subdued reaction. Play an epic set and the place is going to go mental.
  13. Went last night - how gutted am I feeling!!! In fact I feel well and truely abused! Last night was ok in that I got to see Muse, but came away feeling somewhat let down. And now this!!! Chalk and bloody cheese (tonight being the chalk and last night big time CHEESE). How the f*** can they have the audacity to play last nights set, knowing full too well that those in attendance would feel let down, and then churn out the epic set that tonight is turning out to be!!!!
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