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  1. Interesting views. By the way I meant to say Now advertised at a loss not Not. Anyway, I do think they have overestimated the interest in these shows (certainly in London). It's annoying as I struggled to get tickets for other shows and have missed Muse gigs in the past as decent priced tickets weren't available but there are some bargains out there this time.
  2. I bought 2 tickets for O2 london on 3rd April and have been trying to sell them as I have since booked a holiday. Now advertised at a big loss but still can't get rid. There are loads of below face value tickets available of Stub Hub. Have Muse peaked. No one wants to see them!!!!!
  3. I'm getting tickets not availiable...it is only ticket master you can get them from is it?
  4. Ah but my way of enjoying doesn't have any detrimental effect on them. Theirs on the other hand causes me physical pain, injury, disruption and ruins my night. Thats like saying you should allow people to cause GBH if that's their way of enjoying themselves.!
  5. I'm quite happy to stand in seats. The best compromise really. You can relax inbetween acts, wander off to get a drink without the hassle of fighting to get your place back and then stand and enjoy the gig without being pushed around. It was like that at the Cold play gig at the NIA. I think they should create a large mosh pit at the back of the auditorium for all the boring fuckers who just want a big scrap.
  6. Hmm..illustrates my point exactly....who is ruining this performance by shouting all over it? Why on earth have they paid to go to this gig and spent all that effort getting to the front only to ignore matt?
  7. I wonder why you think everyone must act the way you like to at a gig. I was there standing last night because that was the only tickets I could get. I am a big Muse fan and have seen them 4 times. This was the worst of all 4 as my enjoyment of Muse was ruined by your 'going for it' type of person, I paid to hear muse but got to hear due to out of tune singing in the sing a long ones from girls around me, chatting and shouting during quieter moments such as untended. I got pushed over and elbowed, stood on etc during the faster, louder stuff and covered in warm beer (or worse who knows) twice. Now I like muse because they are quality musicians producing quality music but sadly the deeper nuances of matts writing are clearly lost on the majority of thick yobs in the standing area who don't come to listen to music but exhibit all worse aspects of the human condition i.e. selfishness, lack of consideration and no idea of how their behaviour can impact on others enjoyment. If someone wants to enjoy a gig but not jump around, push others, scream, shout and and not pay any attention to the band then why shouldn't they. I think a lot of people have forgotten what going to a gig is about. Its the music and watching people you admire perform. I think a lot of the behaviour in the standing part of Sheffield arena last night is a sad reflection of a big part of British society.
  8. Sorry for the delay in replying.


    I have still got the tickets but only want to sell them if I can get some O2 london tickets for the same price. If you are still interested I could look around and see what I can get?

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