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  1. Just got 2 seated lower tier tickets no problem
  2. Hey. What's up? Nice to c the loyalty. Life good?

  3. My fave is the giant baubles one. The 2nd Law xmas tree one is pretty cool as well.
  4. Yeah i agree they really should re-schedule these gigs, i hope they do, it's a bit shitty otherwise tbh. But maybe they just want to make sure his foot is actually getting better before they announce any re-scheduled gigs?
  5. Yeah, cos i'm sure everyone would be equally thrilled to see him sitting on a stool all night, rather than the usual strutting and jumping around, knee slides etc /sarcasm
  6. I'm pretty sure they will be too, cos when i saw Coldplay there in June all the GA tickets included standing and unreserved seats.
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