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    i like dream theater :)
  1. Here's a cheeky question! I never bothered to register for the website but I've been on the message board since time immemorial and I'm still a massive Muse fan. Might there be any international peeps - American Musers, French Musers, Brazilian Musers - who can generate a code, wouldn't have a use for it, and are feeling a little bit charitable...? No worries if not, I've got my best people on for 9:30, but it'd be nice to beat the queue, so to speak! EDIT: DISREGARD THIS! They are the same thing. Kerpow!
  2. I missed that podcast; when i heard the sound bite I was confused, frightened and oddly comforted that a man like Noel could be so sensitive. But in context it was such a laugh.


    Dream that dream, make it happen, rest assured you'll have at least one view on ewetoob.

  3. hahaha, cheers! It is a bit, isn't it. I want to do a remix with it, that'd be a small, childish dream come true.


    Unfortunately I have laziness. It's terminal. :(

  4. I'm going to be like nuttyboy and just compliment your sig; it is ace.

  5. I know!


    It was unbelievable!


    It was about midnight when i was listening to it and i couldn't help but laugh loudly. I tried not too but I just couldn't!

  6. hahahaha, why thank you. :D i think it's the most i've ever laughed at a radio show, pure genius.

  7. You don't know me but I'm just leaving a comment to tell you that your signature fucking rocks!!!


    I couldn't stop laughing at that when I first heard it!

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