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  1. My boyfriend is into customising his own bikes so they are going to look pretty mental when they are finished, he's just had one done in holographic flake paint it looks wicked! Monsters are pretty good for street fightering as well.


    I'm all good, I'm at work at the moment... it's been a tiring week!


    How's you? :)

  2. Awww that's a shame, yeah I'm going to the gig in Birmingham, can't wait, haven't seen them since the Royal Albert Hall gig.

  3. Cheers for the friend add :)

  4. Hello, cheers for adding me in, I'm only just starting to work out how to use this bit! :D

  5. Hello, long time no speak :)

  6. Hello, some people on here are a bit crazy so be warned ;)

  7. Hi, you got any tickets for the new tour? :)

  8. Hiya, bit stressed, I am managing my team for a month and doing my old job at the same time....nightmare! Still I start my new job in September so that's something. You been up to much? :)

  9. Hiya, just spotted your message, cheers for the request! Off sick with flu at the mo...not good :(

  10. Howdy, thank you, Peep Show is apparently back on in the Autumn :)

  11. I can get Undisclosed Desites out of my head! :D

  12. I got standing tickets for Wembley and got booked in to the Premier Inn so all is good! Did you get standing or seats? I don't use yahoo that often, I'm on msn as well though :)

  13. I had a very lazy weekend, we did go for a ride on the bike but that's about it! I'm glad I only have to work 4 days this week, I'm really looking forward to having another bank holiday...we get the queens birthday off where I work :LOL:

  14. I have indeed, lots of parties, cinema, snow and now I'm at work! Haven't got much happening in 2010 so far other than Muse and a comedy gig, really want Adam Lambert tickets when he comes over here and I'm getting a tattoo for my birthday. How's about you?

  15. I love it, I really didn't like the sound of the clips but this has blown me away! Exogenesis Overture is my favourite. What are your thoughts on it? :)

  16. I was recently dealing with a case to do with a conversation group who are trying to breed and release snow leopards, it's a really sad situation for them as the Chinese normally use tigers for Chinese medicine but as they are running out of tigers they are using snow leopards instead :(

  17. I've been in Bristol for years, I go in banter a bit but also the news, media and tour section of the Muse bit. Which area in Bristol are you from?

  18. I've just had a rather disgusting black coffee which seems to have woken me up. Are you at work? ::):

  19. Is that the chat thing? By the way did you get tickets?

  20. Much as Cardiff Arena is good as it's a small close venue, I found it really lacked atmosphere when I went there for the 2006 gig.

  21. My boyfriend will tell you not to get a Ducati Monster (I like them though) he has two streetfighters...never shuts up about them! Hello by the way :)

  22. oooh sounds fun, I always fancied seeing Muse in another country. I want to get an octopus tattoo, on my back, between my shoulders.

  23. She messed the back up, she didn't cut enough off so it didn't look very good, it looks better now, I'm going to go to someone else next time, hairdressers are useless. God I'm tired today I need a snooze but I have loads of work.

  24. Thanks! My hair is a complete state at the moment I hate it, I actually cut it myself yesterday I was so annoyed with it *sob*

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