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  1. When I first heard this on the album I laughed, Muse had gone eighties? But then I started humming along and it's now my favorite on the album. It also once again proves why I love Muse so much, they don't just stick to one music genre and aren't afraid to try new things
  2. A few days since the concert and I enjoyed it. Was a different experience then most of you btw, arrived at around 20:30(all lockers where full but not a long line at the cloak room), stood in the back but people there where jumping and singing as well. Glad I was standing, had a seat in Ahoy but like there a lot of people remained seated during the concert so glad I was standing. There are just a few songs that I don't really enjoy, Supermassive Black Hole and Follow Me for instance, but I really loved songs as Panic Station, Time Is Running Out, Plug In Baby and Knights Of Cydonia. My favorite Muse concert still remains the Goffertpark though, not just because I live in Nijmegen but because it was outside and not as hot&sweaty... Oh no problem with getting my coat, as I anticipated that it would be busy and got it just after KoC.
  3. I was first alerted to them when my colleagues saw them as a support act for Live. One of my colleagues then gave me a copy of Showbiz and I've liked them ever since then.
  4. I'm sorry for those of you who didn't get tickets, I was happily surprised that I already got my confirmation email on tuesday. I'd only requested one ticket though maybe that helped. My hotel for Amsterdam is booked going to do a bit of sightseeing as well Hopefully some tickets will still become available. See you there!
  5. I've applied for a ticket! Also enquired at a hotel because unlike the Goffertpark this isn't that close for me(I live in Nijmegen) Fingers crossed!
  6. at the entrence there where big signs saying you should leave on time to catch your train, guess a lot of people did. As KoC was my fave song glad I didn't have to miss out on that! Oh and I still love the "oooooccceeeaaannnss" bit PS has anyone found a pic of the hansopje yet?
  7. review from "The Gelderlander" and my attempt at the translation Muse gives nearly perfect concert @ Goffert Nijmegen: it was an almost perfect concert of Muse, saturday night at the goffert, but there where still some faults to be found witht he music, the charisma of the band and ofcourse the bad(cold) weather on saturdaynight(er, like that last part is Muse's fault, anyway:) The audience of 55:000 exited fans didn't care. It's around half past 10 when Matthew Bellamy, singer and guitarplayer of Muse, goes up high on a kind of ufo. Bellamy wears a suit of red ledlights. It is one of the highlights in the 2 hour show of the band in the Goffertpark. In this case it's also literary a highpoint, also the good show, the beautiful decor and the profesionality of the band belong to the highlights. It's impossible to feel robbed(?) if you put down 60 euro for this show and also get shows from Ghinzu and Editors as a bonus. Some fans of the Editors have come to the Goffert especially for this british band. The hits of this support act are song along word by word. The decor looks like the corner of an rectangular building where a floor is cut out of. After the films there are now also concertstages in 3D. That stage and the videoimages which are screened upon it, are beautiful. That compensates the lack of podiumpresence of Muse. The band may look a lot like Queen musicially, the mustache of Freddy Mercury had more charisma then Matthew Bellamy. He hardly speaks to the puclic, that's often done by the drummer. And the little men get lost in the large decor - the mustache comment is quite harsh! vid of uprising at http://www.gelderlander.nl/voorpagina/nijmegen/6863543/Muse-geeft-bijna-perfect-concert-op-Goffertwei.ece
  8. Oh, we did see a lot of people leaving rather early to, before the encores! And would have tweeted more(including songtitles) but T-Mobile went dead on me, sorry! Did prefer Muse in a park more then in Ahoy, I think it fits them better. And the stage was amazing!!
  9. hiya what an amazing gig right? Hope everyone got there and back ok, so tons of busses waiting to get to the Goffertpark whilst I cycled back hope everyone had a chance to get one. Got there when Ghinzu where playing. Met up with a fellow Take That fan who was there with a group and we stood in the back, where we had a better view then closer to the front: and we did jump and sing along to songs(well those that the rest knew well also) as well. Uprising, New Born, Bliss, Plug in Baby& KoC got the crowd going the most imo, though I also always love TIRO and love the dumdumdumdum bit in Take a Bow. And loads of singing along to Feeling Good cause a lot of people know that song anyway! Shame we missed Bernie but hey you can't have it all Oh couldn't really hear what they said much but could hear the songs just fine!
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