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  1. Looks like there a few presales, but no idea on band presale. Really hope so, can't be bothered trying for tickets through AXS anymore.
  2. hahahahahaha this is such a fucking joke. Tried again for general onsale and it was nothing but issues. You would think that after 3 different days and 3 different sales I'd be able to get something other than 300s... 10:02 and still shows me that the Store Status is "Opening Soon" Shortly after that the top area goes grey 10:05 finally get in and it's pretty crappy, so I want to release them and search again. Release tickets and I get a message to refresh to search again or search for new events. I refresh and it throws me back into the waiting room to start the whole process all over again. On my phone it lets me in and as soon as I accept that it's my turn I get a 500 Internal Server Error. Browser just went back into the ticket search and I got slightly better, but trying to get lower...Refresh browser message again and put right back into the waiting room...WHO THE FUCK agrees to use this god awful service??? Seriously only allowing someone to see one set of tickets and then back to the end of the line?
  3. Was gonna try for 100 level tickets, but a minute in and the only thing for 2 tickets is 300s. Think it might be best to try and start waiting at the minute mark so it refreshes sooner. Was still waiting for it to change to "Open" almost a minute after 10.
  4. Love that the Venue presale is this morning and they're not offering any Floor tickets.
  5. I never get their emails either. I know it's against the rules, but if someone wants to say....not send me the KROQ code in a PM but the complete opposite of that, it would be much appreciated
  6. I think I'm done...this bands ticket services can't get their shit together and it's just not worth it anymore. I miss the way they did it during BHaR and Resistance, now it's too much of a hassle. Yes, they've gotten bigger, they were still big back then though and tickets weren't exactly "easy" to get, but at least there was a chance because stuff worked. Saves me $200 I guess.
  7. Getting the same thing no matter where I try: At this moment there are not enough tickets available to fulfill your request. Please try again using a lower quantity of tickets or choosing a different ticket type. Currently there are not enough General Admission tickets to fulfill your request. So, looks like the presale sold out, no idea why the hell it gave me the message that tickets go onsale at noon.
  8. What the hell is going on? I got in and put in my code and tickets and it tells me Muse tickets aren't on sale until 12:00pm. then I go back and try it again and it says that there are no requested tickets available
  9. im on the AXS page but not seeing a section for the presale...are we supposed to do it from that site or the Muse.mu site link for tickets? edit: this place is kinda dead for an onsale morning (unless I missed the bigger thread)
  10. on first listen: better than 2nd Law, but still pretty average and forgettable by previous Muse standards. The songs they've released up till now are some of the better on the album and the first half feels completely separate from the first. will give it a few more listens, but it feels like they've kinda lost their way.
  11. I hope it's the same as the presale where you get your tickets, they wristband you at the same time, and you go right in. I just want to see this guy get screwed.
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