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    here's wot i wrote:gahhhh you are so nice :'( sorry i'm only replying now, got pulled away from comp last night but you really helped me calm down about the whole thing. october IS ages away. thanks for being so understanding about how hard selling them might be :'( i'll have to wait until the show sells out (if it does, or at least those seats sell out) cuz they're still for sale.


    please try come! where do you live again? i think most english airports fly to dublin. if you can, try get aer lingus, not ryan air (unless you're coming the day before): ryan air is really cheap but infamous for every flight being delayed. so it's caused me shitloads of hassle with trying to get to a gig on time before!!

  2. Oh dear, don't worry, these things happen. Contact them see if you can cancel, I mean it's right after you bought them so you can either tell them there's an EMERGENCY or you made a mistake.

    They don't usually give refunds but you might get lucky.


    If not... well, I'm not going to leave you in the lurch so I shall try to save up for it. :D

    If I can't make it, there's always ebay.

  3. OH MY GOD. I AM SO RETARDED. I DID NOT REALISE HOW MUCH UNTIL I JUST BOOKED THESE. *FACEPALM TO THE MAX* i just ordered the lady gaga 'fame package' because i thought it was only an extra 10 euro because i saw 'ticket face value as 85.50' and thought it was that. IT WASN'T UNTIL I PUT THE ORDER THROUGH I REALISED THEY WERE 210 EACH. AHEFBVSDKJGVBSKD I'M SO STUPID. ohhhh god. can you cancel orders. FUCK. i don't expect you to be able to pay that so feel free to slap me across the head. it's some extra VIP package that i had no idea i was buying UGH FUCK YOU TICKETMASTER. it's for the 27th october. WHAT DO I DO

  4. :( No I didn't buy one, I was hoping to buy your second one. Boo. You'll have a an acer time with your friend though. :yesey:


    I do, I'll have a look at other dates, if you still fancy it?

  5. did you buy a ticket to lady gaga? cuz i just realised i promised that second ticket to my best friend, FFFFFFFF----


    that said she released two more dates which i wouldn't mind going to, fancy hitting the third date with me if you didn't get a ticket? let me know asap!

  6. sair i missed your birthday :(

    im sooowwy

    i loovvee youuu stillllllllllllllll



  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :happy:

    Hope you have a good one.

  8. Kindof, got a gig in London Bridge which is going to suck up most of the day but there maybe gaps and it'll be done by like 9.30!

  9. you around saturday??

  10. :awesome:

    I never left really, I just wasn't saying much or was busy. So I guess so, I'll try to get back into things. :D

  11. i like you, you back for good now? :D

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