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  1. It's a bit Joni when she's not squeaky, bit Regina, bit Cheryl Crow. Definitely like it, well recommended.

  2. Generally? Then we should talk at some point. You haven't bullied me yet, shall I listen to her now for an easy life?

  3. I'm in the same boat. I'll be feeling it tomorrow morning, at least until I get a nice hot cup of joe and pour it directly on to my eyes.

    How the devil are you then eh?

  4. Gadzooks, the nerve! What on earth brings you here at this time of *looks at watch and cries* Monday?!?!

  5. purpleasureal



  6. D: Chris Batten and I are a thing now, he says he don't want no crazy ass fangirls outside his damn bus with their mouths open

  7. Don't hate yo, I will ban you quicker than you can say derp <3

  8. D: Hannahfail why is your face so fail?

  9. I also noticed it's a bit shit XD

  10. picture.php?albumid=1354&pictureid=24297

    I've just noticed it has German words on.

  11. Hey, nice undertitle.

    Hope to talk to you soon.


  12. Hello hello baby

  13. You missed the g off bang?

  14. Feliz Navidad or cumpleaños or whatever you lovely you



  15. Wild ALEX used HARDEN!

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