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  1. Did anyone else see the strange Chinese reporter in the VIP area dressed up as Spiderman with a face mask on?! WTF was that about?
  2. How do you know if you have seated or standing? My ticket just says 'entrance 2', wherever that is. No mention of seats...
  3. I noticed that earlier. Not in the spirit of Musebay at all! Hopefully they'll be booted off.
  4. Anyone still without tickets, go here QUICKLY!!! I just managed to get 2, yay! http://www.standard.co.uk/esrewards/2000-tickets-to-see-muse-8634583.html
  5. I discovered that too when I tried to get tickets for the second London date as well. I'm so pleased I've got one though, I had so much trouble last time!
  6. I was thinking exactly the same thing!
  7. Yes! Am I being naive?! After all the emails they fired out in the run up to Reading, I thought we might hear something about it.
  8. This, definitely. Strange that there's been no word from the band.
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