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    Muse, Music, Animals, Cooking, Gigs.
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    Sparks/Depeche Mode/She Wants Revenge/Franz Ferdinand/ Anything Indie/Alt/Synth/80's/70's really. Just not RnB.
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    The Lost Boys, Drop Dead Fred, Moulin Rouge, Battle Royalle.
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    Derren Brown, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Frasier, QI, Peep Show, etc.
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    All Albums.
    All DVD's.
    Most Singles.
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    Sheffield Arena - 2006
    Nottingham Arena - 2006
    Wembley Stadium - 2007 (16th)
    Royal Albert Hall - 2008.
  1. OH MY GOD!! Starlight-Muse is my ebay username and grey horses are my favourite!! What are the chances?! Best of luck this season! I'll be of course backing supermassive muse and really looking forward to seeing Starlight Muse run!
  2. I never back each way But nevermind! Give him a carrot for me
  3. I'll put a bit on him . Got £15 winnings on wembley day! Good luck!!
  4. Showbiz. But adore them all . I think BHAR is the weakest so far but its still amaaaaaazing!!
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