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    Doms Drums

    Definitely prefer the rides that are crashable, love being able to go between the two sounds so easily. I'm guessing if the dark ride has less definition it's going to be harder to pick up any ping shortly after crashing it? There's hundreds of Memphis drum shop cymbal demos which is great! Although always difficult to tell when it's mic'd up in a decent studio, need to do some demos in a dingy garage or local pub 😂 Just looking at the prices as well and the A sweet is about £170 cheaper in some places! Would love to hear these in person but it's a bit of trek to the nearest drum centre.
  2. Kit_Mapex

    Doms Drums

    Any drummers still about? I need ride cymbal advice. 22" K Custom Dark Ride or 23" A Sweet Ride?
  3. Kit_Mapex

    Doms Drums

    He's brought the china back, k custom special dry trash china by the looks of it and a k custom special dry crash instead of the a custom efx crash. Prefer this to the way he had it before.
  4. Kit_Mapex

    Doms Drums

    Looks like he's simplified things around his kit. Taken out a floor tom and moved the electric pads around. Also looks like the china cymbal has gone and he's replaced the ride with a crash/ride. Would be interesting if someone finds the specs for this kit.
  5. Kit_Mapex


    I feel pretty unaffected by this song. Listened a couple of times and thought it's alright. It came up on shuffle this morning and I found myself skipping it for something more interesting.
  6. Bliss at Wembley 07, that was beefy. I remember being pretty blown away at that point. Gutted it wasn't on haarp, but at the same time if it was my mind probably wouldn't have moulded that memory into a nostalgic masterpiece. Also quite a big fan of Sunburn in Dundee from the video.
  7. I've seen a few people make reference to Matt's "insecurity" in performances. Has he mentioned this in an interview or is it based on his on stage behaviour? I'm just curious where this has come from.
  8. Kit_Mapex

    Doms Drums

    Any drummers still about? Dom/Matt's instagram shares were a pretty cool way to start today.
  9. Sorry missed your post, this is the one I was on about!
  10. Muse released a live version of KoC in Madrid from the 2006 show, I used to have it but lost it on an old computer somewhere, anyone know where I can find it?
  11. Had a random memory of this gig when Chris was popping the rest of the balloons and the crowd was doing the slow build up chant every time a balloon was getting near him and cheered when he popped it. Then when he'd thought they were all gone another was slowly bouncing towards him from behind and the crowd start chanting again and he starting looking around frantically for it. Don't know why but I found that hilarious I can't remember what song this was after though.
  12. I'm looking to have a custom bass drum head for my kit, I've narrowed it down to a few drawings/sketches that would look awesome and one of them is the City of Delusion artwork you've posted in your "Drones - Song Illustration Set" Thread. Would you be okay with me using this?

  13. This was the 2nd or 3rd night in Milan, for me this would've been the perfect setlist! Bliss and CE are two of my favourites from that album, Defector is one of my new favourites and I love all of BH&R so 5 songs from that would've been amazing! I went to Manchester night 2, so I saw Revolt, Resistance, Plug in Baby, Stockholm Syndrome instead of Bliss, MotP, Defector, TaB. Drones Psycho Reapers Bliss (Extended outro) Dead Inside Citizen Erased The 2nd Law: Isolated System The Handler Supermassive Black Hole Prelude Starlight Munich Jam Madness Map of the Problematique [JFK] Defector Time Is Running Out Uprising The Globalist Drones(Reprise) Take a Bow Mercy Knights of Cydonia
  14. Personally for me - Assassin - Fast and technical at times, maintaining the ability to play it is difficult. KoC - Can be fiddly in the trot, I've noticed Dom even simplifies this when he plays it live now, the fills can be tricky as well. Take a Bow - Not necessarily difficult but difficult to play very well. Animals - Needs a bit of stamina at the start, the drum bit in the guitar solo is inspired, takes a few goes to master it. Reapers - Mainly stamina, someone who practices often probably wouldn't have an issue.
  15. I feel your pain, we're going on holiday tomorrow and I used some of our holiday savings to pay for the tickets... My plan is to pretend I'm not hungry for two weeks and tell her when we come back.
  16. Just got some seated tickets. With stage in the centre I'm actually ok with this!
  17. Power house opening two, but gets a bit weak for me after New Born until Citizen Erased. Encore 2 is a pretty cool way to end considering they've both generally been mid set songs.
  18. [Drill Sergeant] Psycho The Handler Assassin Citizen Erased Uno Dead Inside Hysteria City of Delusion Micro Cuts Mercy Supermassive Black Hole Reapers New Born -------------------- [JFK] Defector Uprising Time is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome -------------------- Nishe Knights of Cydonia For a Drones tour gig that would see me happy
  19. Kit_Mapex

    Doms Drums

    Can anyone recommend a good drum rack? Ideally I need it to hold two cymbal boom arms and a rack tom.
  20. Assassin City of Delusion Muscle Museum Uno Fury
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