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    I am left handed, about 5'8, and I love muse?
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    North Wales
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    I like doing the usual young guy stuff..going out to clubs or gigs, playing guitar or watching films
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    i work in the tesco bakery
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  1. well replying just keeps it at the top..tit! thought i'd see if there is life in this forum..we DO have a jesus vs muse thread
  2. I hate the way people think the Arctic Monkeys are better than Muse. They're rubbish... theres talk that they will upstage Muse surely not? (at leeds)
  3. a bit sounds slightly similar but what does it matter because 999 is fucking shit
  4. i like the catherine zeta's anyone made that SHITE reference?
  5. it's well weird how different people imagine different things! i was thinking last night. that you can't picture colours with some other bands coz theyre too same-y. like..the darkness..surely theyre just a mess of pink n green.wank. lol
  6. see now everyones stopped posting on here!!!! ah well. lol
  7. fine i'll delete the titles. bloody nazi! lol
  8. i've only heard bootlegs of starlight. like the live one. and supermassive which i saw on the telly! i imagine assassin is red. you know assassin.blood.murder.red.
  9. well i suppose supermassive. might make ya think black.hole. like starlight. may make u think yellow. assassin. red i guess. yah ur right.
  10. it seems i put more effort into my answer..somewhat!
  11. basically. when you hear these songs. what colours do they bring to you? ok right. apocalypse please- dark red butterflies and hurricanes- blue royal blue endlessly- pale purple falling away with you- baby blue hysteria- navy blue ruled by secrecy-light pink stockholm syndrome-dark green the groove-dark blue thoughts of a dying atheist- likme green TIRO-dull blue tsp- electric blue sing for absolution- silver supermassive-black and red knights-desert colour! deadstar-red and silver ballonatic-dark blue jimmy kane-red overdue-grey sober-red and grey map of your head-pale red but bright in your world-dark red and black the gallery-silver feeling good-blood red and white micocuts-black and silver muscle museum-green new born-orange bliss-pink space dementia-purple plug in baby-purple citizen erased-red screenager-beige cave-brown futurism-orange and white megalomania-grey dark shines-black and yellow sunburn-yellow and dark blue escape-blue fillip-red and blue unintended- dark blue and white showbiz-grey uno- white hate this and i'll love you-black copy the titles and input your ..thoughts. i hope people do reply. this took me fricking ages!
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