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  1. Well hello there

  2. I'm bored. Come on skype :p

  3. That's a lot more practical than the reverse centaur.

  4. Reverse Medusa: A snake with humans for hair.

  5. Well thank goodness this is a thing I am not aware of!

  6. wth is betch

  7. slutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslutslut

  8. skankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskankskank

  9. Wankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwankwank

  10. I am taking your visitor message virginity. Hope you enjoyed that :p

  11. I can't confirm in the same way management could but I'm almost certain it is!

  12. Niall

    I'd likely enjoy that.

  13. There's no button for that! Is that was triggered your message in the thread on the mod forum about it? :LOL:


  15. It doesn't matter that it wasn't set list related. It didn't refer to either a real or fictional venue, just a vague string of Muse related words, so it was deleted with all the others, sorry :)

  16. I know you off of twitter!

  17. You do know your super magic turn the text black trick doesn't work on every single skin but the one you're using right...?

  18. Got your spam report, now come online!

  19. Oh awesome, hey! We were the group right next to you, 3 guys and two girls, one of the girls was from New York. We only chatted to you briefly I think. But yay, someone I recall from the gig is about here!

  20. Thanks ^^ Yeah Light is indeed awesome. It was either L or Misa from the second opening credits xD

  21. Miaow =^.^=

  22. Oh I think I missed you on there! I was on my way home anyways xD

  23. I removed your drug messages!

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