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  1. Thanks Tegan :kiss: yeah its amazing!! very relevant to its target audience too <_<

  2. Whats up jenn???? :(((

  3. im good thanks and you!! so am I woo!!!! :) how is it?

  4. Nowhere near me :((

  5. heyy I see you are from denver, are you going to see u2?

  6. How did you know :(

  7. happy new year you too!!

  8. Yehhh thanks I love feeder haha

  9. im alright thanks you?

  10. You have msn?

  11. Both days :) what day did you go on?

  12. Wow haha XD I know him and david from college!, was gonna sell my spare ticket to him. small world :) You went to teignmouth then? Same here hehe

  13. Nahh! I can't afford it... we have a mutual friend on facebook! XD howdya know tom litten??

  14. Lucky you :p kris? Is that your name?? haha

    Im good thanks, need to see muse again tho!

  15. Hey how are you :)?

  16. Alex is sorry but he cant come due to it being in london which he cant get to very easy and is on crutches =[

  17. yeh I am! how comes?

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