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  1. The PC demo was up on Steam a little after midnight, haven't tried the PS3 demo. I'm mainly interested in the single player anyway, but Rebellion are looking at fixing the demo so I'll wait until then.

  2. Well I downloaded the AVP demo around 1AM this morning but couldn't join any games. I've just woken up so I'll give it another go I guess. The demo is DM only unfortunately. Pretty stupid idea when everyone who played the old games knows that Marines VS Aliens VS Predators is the best mode.


    I'm picking up God of War 3, Yakuza 3, FF XIII and Heavy Rain on PS3 in the next couple of months. Was gonna get MAG but the beta wasn't so good.


    Anyway, you like Asian cinema. Have you seen Love Exposure? It's 4 hours long and the premise sounds kind of weird but it's really amazing. At least rent it and see if you like it.

  3. UC2 didn't really have much lasting appeal in the end anyway. Not enough co-op stuff and people quitting at the start of games bugged me too much to keep playing it.

  4. I'm probably getting it on PC for the increased player limit (32 instead of 24). I really enjoyed it on the PS3 though so maybe I'll pick that version up once the price drops. You would have moved on by then though anyway :p

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