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  1. if only i didnt have the plane tickets and uni to worry about...
  2. Well, a kinda complicated story...see, when BDO was on i was still in taiwan for the holidays (still am) but i will be back in NZ for uni just before the Taipei concert on the 28th, sooo...
  3. Random assertion but i know exactly how that feels. :'( Thank God Muse are coming to NZ again later on this year, or else i wouldnt know how to deal with the resentment of missing out on them in Big Day Out Auckland AND Taipei gig...
  4. Sorry if you got offended, I believe when you add "the" in front of "shit" it's supposed to be a major compliment...
  5. must admit tho that i like his raven-hair (according to mtv reporters) much better than the long.
  6. Yay!! i've commented on dA already so i've run outta stuff to say...but YAY!!!
  7. :LOL: :LOL: strawbz you're a genius!! great choice of thong colour too
  8. whoo!! and gosh i'd do anything to see any of the band members in person...i havent even got to see them live
  9. OooOooh AaaaAaaah sounds very exciting strawbs, keep 'em comin!!
  10. ohh come on! sucky? NOOO!! so good to have you back
  11. awesome stuff as always - and a nice Cliffhanger for us all! garrr:LOL: hav fun at the summer camp, we'll all miss ya:( p.s. poor matt's not gonna get choked to death by hanging nettle right??? Hang in there, Maaattttt...
  12. **double thumbs up** aw where are you going away to?? well hope you have a great time at (insert location) doing (insert activity/ies)! taking breaks are important as they prevent artists from getting sick of their own drawings(for an impatient person like me anyways). p.s. Correction: Sommer gives Strawberry Juice a peck on the cheek using Strawberry flavoured extra-shine lipgloss. [omg i can't believe i put myself in such stupidity in my last post: using a Mandarin on a Strawberry...]
  13. My Oh My!!! this is such a masterpiece!!! i juz spent a few hours going through the whole thread so i could check out all your artwork... and i must say, keep up the good job!!!! im soooo hooked on the Adventures with Muse now - its a pity i didnt discover this comic paradise earlier on anyhoooo, i shall be on the edge of my seat at all times in anticipation for the next episode p.s. strawberry_juice, you juz gave me the same spark of motivation to start drawing away again as to many others that have been inspired by you...here i shall show my deep gratitude *biiiiiiig hug with a kiss (mandarin-flavoured lipgloss, extra shine..LOL)*
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