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    Cold War Kids
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    Anything by Terry Pratchett and Cuck Palahniuk
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    RaR 04
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    Royal Albert Hall TCT 12th April 08
    V Festival Staffordshire 17th August 08
    Admiralspalast 7th September 09
    Helsinki 22nd October 2009
    Berlin 29th October 2009
    London 12th November 2009
    Rotterdam 14th November 2009
    Cologne 16th November 2009

    Wembley 11th September 2010
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  2. Torino was SOOOO good!! Still can't believe they played Sunburn+Butterflies just for us <3

  3. I thought he hung it on his walls? But maybe he has taken it down by now. You know what I always wonder? What does she think about it? Is she hurt that Bells obviously thinks it's horrible? Or does she like the legendary status her picture has, even with hardly anyone seing it? I know I'd be devastated…
  4. Hey Kit.

    Yeah! would be nice. :)

    I'll be in London at the 12th. :D

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