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  1. Hi. I spent 3 years making an album and I'd love to hear feedback on it. You can stream/download free on Bandcamp. Obv muse is a big influence but so are many things but it's alt rock generally maybe more acoustic. https://tsidiot.bandcamp.com Thanks for giving it a listen if ya do ! Terence
  2. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SQxJblM_KqY This is a music vid and song I made today what you think?
  3. I cant for the life of me get into save me. But everything else is good.
  4. I have some mp3's to plug. They are from a new EP I've been recording with my label sound furnace for about 7 months. myspace.com/terencesheehan I hope you likey:)
  5. This is a very powerful song. Does anyone else feel like this song and USOE are quite anti-american? It's almost as though (living in California) I'm only listening to Muse trying to pump up the continent of Eurasia to come and attack us! I might have to move.
  6. Space dementia- "It helps me co-exist, WITH A TAAAIILL!!!" The small print- "Hope and I hope you've seen the light, cause now I've really killed, and desperate timing." Hysteria- "And I sense you lose control!"
  7. Thank you Jon and Phill for your responses. I appreciate any feedback as long as it's the truth and so I appreciate it. Jon. You seem to have pinned my influences down. Lo Fi trash "Neutral Milk Hotel" and "Arcade Fire, and lusciously epic "Muse". They are my biggest influences. I find myself unable to go the route of lo fie trash or lush epic because I can't decide which I like best, so I often get stuck on the middle ground.
  8. Hey Everybody. I don't do a bunch of crazy crap with various electronic... things so if you'll just bear with me and listen to my songs I would really appreciate it. http://www.myspace.com/terencesheehan
  9. Armadillo slingshot explosions lend a helping hand to rodent orphan refugees scattered about in miscellaneous foxholes pretending to be Elton John impersonators belonging to blonde cults of miscellaneous fiendish calf riding coalescing cast aways inside tents of blonde beckoning night feeling out of sight puffing on blonde cigarettes with the cast of friends while toting blondish blue guns made of plastic chests. hmmm... More of a newspaper headline but whateva. I'll call it a poem. .
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