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  1. No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I generally don't care at all how fellow gig goers react to certain songs but I just thought it was a bit sad that a lot of people around me chose to chat all the way through RBS. I'd seen Bliss and CE played at previous gigs but to see RBS for me was mind blowing as I love that song. I think that's another reason I chose to call it a day after that last gig, I could die a happy man - I'd seen RBS live! I thought the first three albums were absolutely mind blowing, Black Holes slightly less so although still good and The Resistance even more less so and IMO not quite so good. So for me, I felt I was witnessing the steady decline of a once individual great 'rock' band to a more mediocre 'pop' band, and I don't really do pop. I have nothing against people who like that sort of thing - that's fine, just that it's not for me. I absolutely hated the love and cheers that greeted Undisclosed Desires (particularly after the indifference to truly great songs) as certainly up to that point I felt it was Muse worst song to date. Hate is probably the wrong word, I just thought it was sad and that Muse seemed to be going in a direction that I couldn't follow. I really wanted to buy the latest live bluray just for the Muse live spectacle as I honestly believe that in their day, they were unbeatable live but I just can't bring myself to buy it - pretty much due to the set list. I didn't buy their latest album but I have listened to all the songs from it and I have to say, it does nothing for me at all. As I say, it was great fun while it lasted and if I want to see how great Muse were, I'll just listen to an earlier album or even better, watch Hullaballoo or Absolution live.
  2. Muse are nothing like as exciting and generally mind blowing for me as they were when I heard their then latest album, Absolution. I had a blast seeing them play live (particularly the first time - they were fantastic and I have seen a lot of live bands) but I knew the end was nigh for me personally when the last time I saw them the crowd were generally indifferent to CE, Bliss and RBS but LOVED Undisclosed Desires and Starlight. I knew then that this would be the last Muse gig I went to. It was fun while it lasted though.
  3. I was really looking forward to seeing Muse play Oos too but if they want to keep the set 'special' for those that were there in person then I can respect that decision. As the other chap said, it seems these days we are of the opinion that if a set is filmed then we all have an entitlement to view it. Actually we don't. Time was where if you didn't go to a gig for any reason then that was that. I accept that fans live all over the world and some are skint or injured / whatever but the fact remains that the only way you are ever guaranteed of seeing a gig is by actually being there. I wouldn't cry if Muse played a rare song in California or Japan / anywhere else as I wouldn't travel that far to see them anyway. I live about 100 miles or so away from Reading and I could have gone, the only thing that stopped me was paying 'whatever' to go and essentially just see Muse (they were the only band I was interested in that much, apart from Pulp and maybe Seasick Steve) plus standing in a muddy field with however many other thousand people for three days isn't exactly my 'thang'. I (niavely probably) thought we might see the whole set on the beeb especially as they had broadcast what I think was the whole headline gig from Glasto last year but obviously not. Hey ho. From what was broadcast it looked an amazing gig (apart from UD, Resitance and Uprising!) and I'm grateful for the opportunity to see any of it - it's a priviledge not a right. The light show looked fantastic and the boys looked like they reallly got into it and basicallly kicked ass. As a fellow fan I find the whole idea of bombarding Muse with hate mail and demanding an explanation a bit embarrassing really, childish even. I just hope they know we're not all like that.
  4. My least favourite is definitely Undisclosed Desires, but I don't like the album version either. Favourite is probably Butterflies And Hurricanes for me.
  5. Absolution for me, was my first Muse album too. There's no other Muse album which I could honestly say that I love every song from start to finish. I tend to find that there's great songs spread over all their albums which appeal to me, but interspersed with not so good ones. If I had to say a least favourite I would have to go for Resistance as there's a few on that that don't really do ir for me (can't stand Undislosed Desires), although there are some real classics on there too! Well, Exogenisis parts 1 - 3 actually,
  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your pictures and videos - totally awesome!!
  7. Awesome gig. Really enjoyed the support acts too particularly Biffy. Bliss, CE and RBS really made the evening for me although some of the people around me seemed to be a bit 'confused' by RBS! Probably a bit too obscure for them Personally, it's one of my all time fave Muse songs. Amazing evening and it's the first time I've been standing for a Muse gig which made it a whole lot better!
  8. I really appreciate where everyone is coming from, as I say I'd LOVE to see older material played. Most of my favourite Muse songe are all pre BHAR and I personally happen to think there's too much cheese on the Resistance album generally. I can't stand Guiding Light or Undisclosed Desires but Muse are my favourite band and that's it. Certain songs off OOS and Absolution really struck a chord with me and I'm probably living off past glories too as I just related to what they were doing back then, more so than now. The jury's obviously out at the mo but unless the next album grips me sadly I think this will be the last time for me.
  9. Re peoples perception of the setlist Decent bands always play a large part of their latest album live, it's just the way it is. You can't live in the past forever, this is 2010 not 2003. Only rubbish bands play a lot of old stuff as that's just living off past glories, you gotta move on. I'm seeing Muse tonight which is my third time and I personally prefer the older material but I don't expect to hear much of it, that's just the way it is. I'm just going to be overjoyed to be seeing them play ANYTHING.
  10. I agree with this, apart from that it's fantastic. Still don't like Undisclosed Desires though, easily my least favourite song on the album. My favourite part of the album is Unnatural Selection onwards, I think it really takes off from there. Although the first half's pretty good too!! I definitely prefer this to BHAR. Can't wait until tomorrow night!
  11. I agree with this. I didn't really rate BH&R that highly and much prefer this one. My favourite on that album was City Of Delusion but IMO there was just too many songs that didn't move me like they should. On the other hand, every time I hear TR it's increases in it's magnificence and I think it's way better than their last offering. To me, listening to music or watching bands perform is a highly emotional experience and this album fulfills just that. It's nigh on perfect (apart from Undisclosed Desires!!) Really, I don't even know why I'm posting in this thread - isn't this supposed to be for people who DON'T like TR?
  12. Hi! Thanks for the request. How're you?

  13. ! wasn't sure of the album at first, mainly as I was expecting something rocky and guitar driven as per previous releases. Yep, my initial reaction was very much WTF??! Having now heard it a good few times it's really grown on me and I love it! I personally think it's more Muse-like(!) than BHAR and maybe even Absolution, a really moving album IMO. When I think about it most of my fave albums have been 'growers' rather than 'straight aways' and TR certainly fits into that catergory. I think Muse deserve credit for exploring this new direction as I expect a lot of fans would have rathered an album full of 'balls out' songs that you can head bang to. For me anyway this is just as moving as anything else they've released, perhaps even more so. The only song I'm not totally sure about is Undisclosed Desires but then again, there's usually at least one song per album that doesn't quite grab me as much as the rest. On the whole though, this album really 'does it' for me!
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