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    Lived in mildenhall all my life, bin playing guitar for about 3 years, still suck lol, thats bout it! what a boring life i have!! loL!
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    Mildenhall (Near Cambridge)
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    Play guitar
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    Sweet F A
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  1. could solve all your problems of orders buy buying a nice multi, which does it all for ya. I got a Zoom gfx8 and i can create pretty much anysound i want. and it sounds good too. got ext. dist midi in/out etc.
  2. That's shit luck. not only the price, but the work that has to go into it also. I'm interested in making my own guitars, any tips??
  3. I use a ESP LTD M-50 with a Zoom GFX-8 through a marshall AVT 275 which basically gives me an unlimited pedal board, and its so easy to create whatever effect you want.
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