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  1. comic matt. chris, and dom are sooo adorable, i believe this is a cliffhanger--i want to see what they see--soon! awesome page-l
  2. I like graphics that don't exceed 100x100 pixels, and don't involve drawing of any kind<--basically because I can't draw. Hope you get a chance to update this soon, I've been spoiled by reading everything all at once-take care-l thank you! the welcome is much appreciated!-l
  3. I make it my daily goal to get another person hooked on muse. I try and hit the easily swayed obsessive personality people first LOL. Making strives in the fans of LOST community by featuring their music in fan vids etc. Making muse centric threads on their boards. My livejournal is muse centric while i pimp many different fandoms in hopes non-muse fans (or as i call them, "unenlightened ones,") will breakdown and take a listen. I've had quite a few people who i send mp3s to steadily. As for offline--my friends are too sick of me shoving muse down their throats, so i'm trying a new approach of sit back and let them come to me. If they hear a song in my car and say they like it--I usually pull it out and give it to them (if it's just a burn). I listen to them on my ipod at work--let my co-workers listen. Burn cds for my co-workers. All i know, is when their march release comes out several hundred people can say "oh crazy laura told me about them." -l
  4. hey mara, I'm new to the forum and just stumbled onto this thread. It's hard for me to express just how much i adore you for making these comics. Not only are you a talented artist, but the situations are witty as hell. I'm still not over matt's "make my hair spikey again," wish LOL! I hope you don't mind thread stalkers, cause you just earned another one-laura
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