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  1. Since my tickets are willcall, will I be assigned a seat later or do I have floor seats reserved? Did anyone else almost flip their lid trying to figure out the city and state fields?
  2. When I bought tickets for thom yorke my credit card was my ticket and I could only buy two. This way the only way to sell tickets was to meet the buyer there and go in with them. Funny enough I think this became a popular format because of Miley Cyrus and how bad scalping was with her concerts. But it's a really good sytem. They even print you tickets as you walk in so you don't miss out on the momentos.
  3. Your golden skies Feed my role i thought was close you eyes feel my words which i actually would like better :\ oh, and in megalomania i REFUSE to believe the lyrics are Take off your disguise And all your underneath It's my aim because i, without a doubt am hearing Take off your disguise I know that underneath Its meeeee
  4. you guys are all nuts... these threads make me hate the interbutts. toada? unintended? map of your head? i love those at least tell me that jimmy cane and execution commentary have been mentioned an all the posts i skipped.
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