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    2015.12.01 - Houston, TX
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  1. The presale code email was in my spam folder (gmail). Be sure to check there.
  2. Anyone else here attending this? Pretty quiet around here...
  3. Dehghanpir

    Dig Down

    http://e-cdn-preview-1.deezer.com/stream/1315f058564c7752f52ebcbb267e0632-2.mp3 Tune matches up with the instrumental we've been hearing..hopefully it picks up...
  4. Dehghanpir

    Dig Down

    Of course it does. Muse is a business, bottom line. The record label doesnt spend money on making music videos just because.
  5. Dehghanpir

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    Speculation I read somewhere. It's got to be attached to something.
  6. Dehghanpir

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    This is just a one-off song, right? Like something for a movie. Hope it's better than Neutron Star Collision...
  7. Well this was a hell of a surprise on a Monday morning! Finally won't have to travel to see them. Who's with me?
  8. No. Your best bet is YouTube. You should be able to find a performance of every song there. Half the people had their cell phones up the whole show.
  9. Does anyone have a setlist for Phantogram's performance? They did a hell of a job as an opening act.
  10. About 50 people. Hasn't changed much in the few hours I've been here.
  11. Depends on where you'd like to stand during the show. If you want to be front row, I'd say no later than noon to 1 pm, although the new stage setup probably allows for more "barrier." If you're not worried about where you're standing during the show, then I wouldn't even worry about waiting in line.
  12. I've been wondering the same thing. Which side of the main center stage will they favor?
  13. Just read through it...not quite the reception l was expecting...
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