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  1. :LOL: you're welcome to PM me, I just don't want it in a public place is all, but I don't mind telling you :)


    I'm interested to hear who you think it is, now :LOL:


    It's ok :)

    I'm not that nosey :) If it doesn't include me, then it's not my business.

  2. I doubt it, unless you've been trawling through the love boat or gossiping with Josh :LOL:


    I don't like gossiping and I don't read someone elses Love Boats i I'm not involved.



    I actually don't know, or maybe I know, but I'm not sure...







    I hope I'm wrong :(

  3. oh, I don't know about that - yours will definitely be on the top 5 of this year.


    But I do agree there isn't enough these days.


    Bring Back Teh Biff!

    (And the Game Zone, while you're at it.. )


    My beef?:stunned:


    What beef?:unsure:


    <angels eyes>

  4. I think I'm more suitable for the 'Biggest Sleazeball' award, personally.


    Seriously though, what about a "bestest biff" award? Surely there are some worthy awards this Board is missing...


    There would be no competition, as there's not enough beef on the board

  5. Haha, we were kidding, and I was referring to my Physics teacher who happens to be polish. Hate the tosser.


    No worries, I know:LOL:


    I always hated my Physics teachers.. even though I quite liked physics.

  6. And once you master Swedish you can move to Sweden like thousands of other Poles and work as a cleaner! :D


    Err, kurds work as cleaners. Polish people work as annoying and incomprehensible Physics teachers.


    oh, how nice of you, but thank you.. cleaning is not for me (I only could make a bigger mess), but I could be a psychologist, psycho-therapist or graphic designer.. actually I could be a chemistry, biology or arts teacher, but I don't want people to use "annoying" when they talk about me

  7. A dlaczego? Przepraszam, ja nie mówię po-polsku. Ja luche po-russki govoryu, mne legche govorit' po-russki, i ja davno uzhe ne govoril po-pol'ski. Nu w Polsce skuchno? :D


    I can't speak in russian.. but I understand it when somebody speaks to me in russian though.


    I'm not bored anymore hahaha, the weather is lovely.


    I wanna learn Swedish!

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