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  1. Cool! :D With pleasure, just tell me what want you know :) We use some english words, like: ok, cool, sorry... pronunciation of polish words is quite difficult, but you're a smart guy, you'll manage :)

  2. Hey hey you! :D

    Wow! What brings you to Poland? Hope you'll like it here :) I live in Poznań. Are you coming just to Warsaw or will you be visiting some other places (in Poland) too? :)

  3. Hey there! :) Interesting profile... I like your taste in musik :)

  4. Oh cool! :) Yeah, I'm good... very busy though... See ya on Facebook then! :D Hope I'll be able to be on there more often soon :) Take care!

  5. Hello hello you! :D I'm good, thank you... a little bit tired of work, but that's life... I can't complain :) Hows you? :)

  6. wink wink at Mr Dink :D Hey :kiss:

  7. ... but enough sex action ;):happy:

  8. good, thank you :happy: Although, I wish it was October the 1rst already, so my exams were over and I could finally fully relax :)

    Hows you? :D

  9. Hahaha! I just didn't want to get too excited ;)

    No boys... no toys :'(

  10. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suziiiiiiiiiiiiii! :eek: Hello! :D

    I'm quite ok today... so far... lol, thanks :kiss: How are you? Where have you been? It's been ages!!! *supermassive hugs* I missed you :'(

  11. I always look at it (when I'm outside) <333 :happy:

  12. but I haven't said I'm ugly... yet :p

    I'm sooooooooooo ugly! *waits for spanking*

  13. *licks back* mmmmmmmm! *licks more* :D

  14. Hey Holly! :D

    I'm busy too! In not best mood lately... everything piss me off and I hardly ever feel happy :(

    I wish I were in Australia already :(

  15. Hello Lynz!

    Thank you C-baby :)


    Henrik, you don't love me.

  16. Hello!!! :D Whoa! You look so GOOOOOOOOOOD in your profile pic... like a real Aussie girl :D I wish I was there! :(

    How are you? :)

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