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  1. The previews did a good job (I hope) of showing how much the mood changed throughout this piece. The first sounds like the perfect opener: dark, ominous, and powerful. The second part sounds like the pleading, storytelling, character developing section that should come from a second act. Finally, the third part seems absolutely lovely as a hopeful closer.


    Seriously, I just don't think I could possibly be more excited for this.

  2. HOW MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!


    its the following...


    We are counting on you

    It's up too... you

    Spread our codes to the stars

    You must rescue us all




    I disagree.


    I hear "Spread our cause to the stars."


    Makes the most sense, too.

  3. I'm not claiming to have all the facts as I haven't listened to TR in full - but from the amount that is available I'm not liking any bit of it and that's VERY troubling. Why would I have any interest in trashing it considering I love what Muse has done to this point? Think about that. I'm not the only one VERY disappointed with what I've heard so far.


    Wait... what?


    I said to consult logic and then you throw one of the classic logic fallacies at me...


    Not liking it and being disappointed are fine. Have at it.


    Not what I said at all.

  4. Considering I've paid money for all the albums I DO get a say about what is Muse and TR to me isn't real Muse. Too bad if that offends your fanboyish sensibilities.


    Again, no, you don't. At. fucking. all.


    You get a say in what sells, what is popular. That's it.


    Seriously, I know you're just trying to be that radical voice on the boards, but you'll be SO much better received if you at least consulted logic once in a while.

  5. I'm not one of those fans who says "I want every album to sound like Origin". However, I want Muse to adhere to the VALUES of Origin! That means being original and true to themselves! This new album sounds like they're trying to be like other bands rather then themselves and betraying the values of Origin.


    Please, dear god, realize everything you said here is nonsense.


    How in the bloody hell can a band that is making the album COMPLETELY on their own not be staying "true to themselves"?


    Not liking an album is fine, but for you to assume for one second that you have ANY idea of a band's intentions is ludicrous.


    There is a clear distinction here, and for your opinion to be taken seriously, you must realize this.

  6. Okay, so I may not be entirely sober right now, but the ending is... silly. That's pretty much the only adjective I can come up with. Live, that'll be fun. Really fun. Screaming the "SIA!" will be great... but as a song... silly.


    I can only pray it work in the context of the album.

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