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  1. You can get a T10 ticket for €9.something, which gives you 10 bus/metro/train journeys (including to/from the airport) - I went for 3 days and 10 journeys was plenty (although I did walk a fair bit).
  2. Random question - does anyone know if there is a Servicaixa machine at the airport?
  3. Flight finally booked. Arriving 12pm on Friday... Fly back 6am Saturday
  4. I miss your LJ. :(

  5. EFF-NACK?! :LOL: Oh wow, it just got funnier
  6. Si!!! Como lo se pronuncia? Fuh-NACK?
  7. Siempre me río cuando leo este palabra
  8. There's something special about nice tickets
  9. I thought I wasn't going to be able to go, and the only way for someone else to pick up the tickets on my behalf is at an authorised centre. Then thought sod it, and decided to go after all Got to say, the ServiCaixa machines seem like a brilliant idea - I think I've seen it said that there is one at the airport, but they're bright yellow so hard to miss! Not going to lie, I think I'm more excited at the prospect of travelling by train than by the gig
  10. I read it wrong, that's only to collect from "authorised centres" (ie if someone other than the card holder was to collect them). Tickets can be collected on the day of the gig from ServiCaixa machines. So I'm now thinking travelling Wednesday night or Thursday and leaving Saturday.
  11. I think I'm making a week of it - probably Monday/Tuesday-Saturday, as I have to collect the tickets 72 hours in advance (didn't realise that when I bought them :facepalm: ) I may even get the trenhotel from Paris
  12. ¡Hola a todos! Bought tickets for this on the spur of the moment back in November, but none of my friends are prepared to come with me If anyone needs tickets, check MuseBay ( ) and if anyone wants to hang out and do touristy stuff, that'd be awesome - I'm really nervous about going on my own But Barcelona is an amazing city and I can recommend a few cool things to see/do
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