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    Live in Essex, England and write songs for my band, "Tzar". Have a beautiful girlfriend.
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    Writing music, listening to Muse, playing guitar
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  2. I spoke to him in person, although he was on the damn phone at the same time.
  3. My band has an appointment with Colin Murray to get feedback about our demo so I was wondering if anyone could offer us any advice what to do with our songs before this date. Tzar You can probably ignore Singularity as we will put the other two songs on the demo along with a new electro song and another new one. But advice about Stand and Forget and Saviour would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Please take a listen to my band, these are older songs that we recorded about a year ago, (before GCSEs grr). The recording quality is awful but any positive/negative feedback is welcome. (Please none negative about the vocals as my voice has improved greatly). Tzar
  5. I have never seen that clip and I have had various accounts on here since the board began. Have you found anymore of the same sort?
  6. cabbage farmer

    Doms Drums

    Hey no problem, I was in a bad mood then anyway. And thanks to Adam for the tab, greatly appreciated.
  7. cabbage farmer

    Doms Drums

    I never said it was more enlightening, I just know how good some of the drummers are on this board, for example the tab for Assassin was brilliant. I myself am not a drummer and would not be able to work it all out, but I do not a tab in order to make a good guitar pro file and cover the song in my band. The drum bit does have some interesting fills, so just in future if you don't have a tab for it then shut up, you don't need to tell me what you think of my question. I just wanted a tab, if there isn't one then there isn't one.
  8. Always the problem of which Stockholm Syndrome is best but I do love the Glastonbury one. Anyway, updated now.
  9. Here's what we're going to do now, basically we can all try and find the best performances of each song and I will keep a list of them. If you have a candidate state the name of the song, where and when it was and say that you want to submit it to the "Best Performance of this Song Award" I shall start it off by putting my contribution of three songs I believe to have been Muse's best performance of them. See if you can find any better of indeed any other songs which are the best performances in your eyes. Showbiz "Muscle Museum" - 2004 Glastonbury. Link: Best Muscle Museum "Fillip" - 2000 Bizarre. Link: Best Fillip "Cave" - 2001 Route Du Rock. Link: Best Cave Origin of Symmetry "Newborn" - 2004 Glastonbury. Link: Best Newborn "Bliss" - 2006 Reading. Link: Best Bliss "Screenager" - 2001 Leeds. Link: Best Screenager Hullabaloo and any other B-Sides "Dead Star" - 2002 Montreux Jazz Festival. Link: Best Dead Star Absolution "Stockholm Syndrome" - 2004 Glastonbury. Link: Best Stockholm Syndrome Black Holes and Revelations "Supermassive Black Hole" - 2006 Austin. Link: Best Supermassive Black Hole "Assassin" - 2006 Inland Invasion. Link: Best Assassin "Knights of Cydonia" - 2006 Belfort. Link: Best Knights of Cydonia
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