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  1. Mue

    I am so pish at remembering to sign into this :p

    Each to their own and all that I guess! I am quite obsessed with Muse afterall!

    I'm seeing them a week today! EEEEEEEE!!! :D Have you heard the new album?

    I am indeed on twitter! @mueymue :)

  2. Mue

    Turbulence is a pretty song ^^

    Dunno just yet! Trying to fill in the time with a few projects atm, just got my business cards today! yay! Then after graduation it'll be time to find a job! Probably move to London or something since all the jobs are there!

    Lmao I like how you consider your football team part of how you are!

    I don't really have an album of the year this year, but the new Muse one will be out soon! YAAAAY!!

    Band of the year though - 22!

    very Musey! You might like it!

    Ahhhh fair enough, I live on Facebook! Even more so now that I can just sit around all the time :D I LOVE not having to do anything! The past few weeks have been hell, I hadn't slept for days when I handed my honours in D:

    But yus, I hope all is well with you too! :)

  3. Mue

    That is SUCH an amazing song!!! <3 Thankyou for that! Impeccable taste! :D


    I may post it on yee olde facebook! I tried to add you on that like a trillion years ago, so I'm assuming you're not much of a facebooker?

  4. Mue

    Helloooo! :D

    Yeah Dave from InMe is top notch! He covered a silverchair song with charlie simpson! InMe, Silverchair and Fightstar in one go, yum!


    Must have been! I can't think of anything particularly exciting that's happened though D: I have been in my final years of uni though so maybe that's it! Only two weeks left of uni ever now! Crazy stuff eh?!


    How about you, what are you up to these days?

  5. Mue

    Christ on a bicycle! I haven't been on this for a YEAR apparently! :p

    My Chem must have been good then lmao!


    How are ya dude? :)

  6. Mue

    I have only just seen this reply :O

    Ahhhh Gerard's red hair is AMAZING! Mine is the same colour just now! But I did it first a few years ago, I just so happened to want to do it again when he did it! :o

    Nahhhhh Gala is pants! Edinburgh is much better! Throw yourself in Edinburgh for a week or two and you'll never want to go back to town life :p

    Hahaha that's pretty cool!

    And yep I'm ok ta, just working my face off at uni and seeing My Chem AGAIN! in about a week! YAS!!!! :D

    how about you? :)

  7. Mue

    Haha don't worry about it :) it was pretty good! Had a two days hangover though! TWO! that's just cruel :(

    hahaha you and your football! I have a My Chemical Romance ticket! :D :D HAAAAAAAAAA! excited! :happy:

    life is...............lifey. Not very exciting atm :( Had to move out of Edinburgh to go back to uni in Galashiels which is rubbish! It's a crap wee cut off town! God knows why they built a uni here!!! I miss Edinburgh lots :(

    oh well 2/12 weeks down :p then I'll be back in Edinburgh hahaha!

    You been up to anything exciting?

  8. thank youuu!! :D

  9. Mue

    thank youuuuu! :)

  10. Mue

    haha yeah I'm over it! I shall hold a grudge over my mate though :D

    Still obsessed with football ;)

    And I'm good ta! ^^ hope all is well in Stuland too! :D

  11. Mue

    boooo to the world cup! everyone is football obsessed for the next few weeks ><

    i only have Muse planned now! I really really really want to go to TITP, but i currently have £80 to my name and no job, hmmmm :p

    oh and i got a black eye at InMe >< my mates thought it'd be HILARIOUS to throw me into a 'wall of death'. Aren't my mates awesome? :p

  12. Mue

    Happy Birthday Stuboppop!

    See, even after alllllllll these years (4-5? :eek:) i still remember :happy:

  13. Mue

    My next gig is InMe again! 3rd time woop! Muse currently stands at 8 though :p

    and yah i considered going to the ratm gig, but despite it being free it would cost me a LOT of money to get there etc for a band i'm not really into all that much :p

    not been up to much really! still studying my face off, doing my uni placement and being driven insane by a literature review that makes me want to type smiley faces on the screen just so i can punch it's stupid little face :) (please note: i did not punch my laptop, i would cry without facebook etc)

    finish my placement in a month though so need to find a summer job if i want to stay in Edinburger! which i dooooo! cause i go to a rock night every tuesday and i've become a serious addict XD

    but yah, what have you been up to then? aside from gigging? :D

  14. Mue

    I'm alright ta! How's you?

    and that's pretty cool :happy: was ages ago now though! I'm barely on here! :p

    Last gig I saw was Flyleaf! I barely knew who they were haha! My mate just asked me if i fancied going to their gig and i thought aye why not! :D was good though!

  15. haha i never noticed it said part 4 until after i downloaded it! :p

  16. i abandoned InMe long ago! back when it was actually difficult to keep up :p now it's just incredibly boring :LOL:


  17. oh but of course!! :D

  18. they would!

    clearly too much love for them to handle :D

  19. it would! we would be the downfall of not only the forum but the whole of http://www.muse.mu!

    they would have to change all their dvds and cds to a different web address :eek:

  20. prove my love to you via muse board postings?

    there are not enough posts in the world!



  22. haha thanks! and yeah i've seen it, thought it was a bit rubbish though. nothing like Donnie Darko!

  23. Mue

    bah, you are rubbish :D

    i love it! undisclosed desires is yummy! infact all the tracks are! my least fave is guiding light, it's taking me a while to get into that as much as the others!

    exogenesis though, PHWOOOOOOOOOOAR! part one is epic! as is part three! they are my faves of the three :D

    i haven't heard the new PT!

    The new InMe album also came out on the same day! And once a Muse album comes out, everything else get's ignored :D but InMe got a listen eventually cause i saw them on Monday :happy: got to meet them again too! was lovelyyyyyyyyyy!

  24. Mue

    have you seen Muse live yet??? :p

    Popcorn cover is AMAZING! after the gig we were all sitting on a bench going do doo do doo do doo doooo, do doo do doo doo do doooo etc :D was stuck in everyones heads for days!!!! crazy :) gotta love Muse!

    excited for the album? :) x

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