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  1. Going to be headed down shortly! EDIT: Just got back. Downtown Nashville is wild right now. First Muse show I've been to where they didn't play Stockholm Syndrome. The times, they are a changin'.
  2. Sixer


    It's just ok. Seems like they were trying to make an uprising 2.0 that can be played in movies, TV, and sports promotions. Trying to repeat a past success.
  3. You electrify my life. Lets conspire to ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive.
  4. Ehh, I think some of you guys may have some bias. The majority of people around me at the past few shows I've been to only knew the big hits. I remember people giving me weird looks in Cincinatti a few years ago because I knew the words to New Born. From the show on Wednesday, the biggest receptions were: Supermassive Black Hole (Twilight) Madness (probably the biggest of the night) Starlight Uprising Resistance Knights of Cydonia TIRO pretty much all of the songs that achieved any type of exposure in the U.S. Pretty tame crowd for all the other songs...even stockholm syndrome which pissed me off It is what it is. Yes, there are hardcore fans at the events but in such big arenas it doesn't amount to much. I would love to see some smaller venues as the hardcore fans would be the majority of the crowd and the place would be CRAZY like the first show I ever attended. I understand they're about making money now though and arenas are the best way to do that. The best Muse show I've been to the venue had 3k capacity. Truly wild Good memories.
  5. Floor tickets are still available. The upper deck had tickets in the second row and lower arena still had tons of decent tickets...and this is exactly 48 hours before the show.
  6. Decided to go to this show even though I hate this venue. based on my search for tickets on ticketmaster this is going to be an empty arena.
  7. neutron star collision and survival by far.
  8. Happy Birthday! (:

  9. not at the moment! lol.

  10. Hello there, Hope life is good.

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