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  1. No, because I don't have a character pack installed on this computer
  2. You might want to try that as 'watashi ha chi-zuke-ki desu' instead...
  3. Yeah, I don't really care much for these things, so I've pretty much ignored it.

    For you I made an exception, though ;)


    ugh, I need to get the hang of this thing. CONFUSION!

  4. Pretty much, but on different days it seems
  5. We had a lot of fog here yesterday. I couldn't even see the flat across from mine, it was insane
  6. That's not good, no :\ I hope she'll be out soon. Usually, stuff like this looks a lot scarier than it really is, but still. I've actually had something similar happen to me a couple of years ago. They kept me in a hospital for a week, ran all sorts of tests and scans and then just send me home saying they had no idea what it was Anyway, I hope she gets well soon!
  7. 私も元気だ。 何でロッチイさんのお母さんびょういんにいますか? お母さんは大丈夫になりますか? Jesus, I hope that made sense. It's been three years since I wrote anything in Japanese Anyway, I hope your mom will be okay! *hugs*
  8. But that should have been jyaane, no?
  9. I replied to your last post. Like, a page back.
  10. I'm sorry, but that was hilarious There's no such thing as a cheap place to stay in Tokyo. Your vest bet would either be a so called "love hotel" (which provides a rather weird place to stay), capsule hotel (not a good idea if you're claustrophobic, though) or stay with someone you know. As for things to do, get lost in Shinjuku. Go see Shibuya at night and laugh at akiba in Akihabara and buy electronics taxfree. No haggling, though. Asakusa is very touristic, but also a must and the best place to get a yukata and kitschy souvenirs.The Edo-Tokyo museum is rather good. And you want to go to one of the less known places as well. I lived near Tachikawa, which I loved for the futuristic atmosphere. Kichijouji was always fun because of all the cramped stores. I'm sure there are better places than that, but I just happened to live near there. You want to get a subway or train pass of some sort, because they're gonna be your main form of transport. Oh, and as soon as you arrive, try to get a ticket for a Kabuki play. It's expensive and impossible to understand, but a really special experience. Can't think of any more stuff right now. Maybe later.
  11. Shibuya is boring. It's just very busy, but that's it. EDIT: that crossing gave me nightmares, though ._. I liked Shinjuku much better And Tachikawa. And Kunitachi. For some reason.
  12. Probably. Try the university websites.
  13. Hiragana and katakana are very easy to learn. You could learn them within a week or two if you really want to. Just make sure you first know hiragana well before you start on katakana. You'll end up mixing the two up otherwise. As for Kanji, that will be hard to learn. But with a bit of willpower, you should be able to learn a decent amount of it.
  14. It's the pointing I was going at. Asking questions is probably the most important thing and I also have never had any problems with that. People have answered the most ridiculous questions for me. Japanese people are really nice! And thank you! ^.^ Though I don't remember why I chose this username And my boyfriend says it's quite fitting. Awww...
  15. The pronunciation really shouldn't be much of a problem once you've figured out how it's spoken. Japanese is spoken in the front of the mouth. Keep that in mind, and you'll speak Japanese with hardly any accent The grammar however.... It's confusing, that's the main issue. It's very VERY confusing ._. I mixed things up constantly. However, building up a decent vocabulary has proofed the biggest challenge for me. My tip: write EVERYTHING down and ask a lot of questions. Bluntly point at something and ask what it is in Japanese. Though the pointing might be considered impolite if you're in Japan... -.-
  16. The line up for Pinkpop is indeed great, but I'm going to Lowlands instead. The vibe on Lowlands is much better and they've got tents
  17. Because Japan rocks. And does anyone really need a reason to visit Japan?
  18. I have to agree. For one thing, Starlight won't make me fall asleep out of boredom :/ Invincible is by far the most boring and dull track on BH&R. It's nothing special and basically just bland.
  19. That really says something about his legs. But seriously, most of those guys that go around wearing skirts and shit have GREAT legs. So unfair! T.T
  20. it's the bands name written in Japanese with the 2 lines we know oh so well. I'll se whether or not I can get my character set going again (it's been a bit spastic lately, switching on and off at random times O.o) ミューズ there. I didn't really like hikaru no go, but that can just be my personal taste. Lately I've been catching up on Bleach episodes (I'm so behind, it's not even funny) and I started watching ハチミツとクローバー (Honey & Clover) it's really cute and funny, but I have yet to discover a plotline Bou has better legs than me
  21. Time to get this going again. Tell me something, ask me something, I don't care. I had to bump this up from the 4th page... Not good! T.T
  22. I don't quite remember She made me listen to quite a few songs, but it didn't really stick. It's rock though. They're pretty good, I remember thinking that.
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