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  1. sorry about that, how was the party?

  2. ha ha ok, by the way im no psychologist im kidding i wud be shit.u changed ur d/pic, its nice. anyway to buisness: well the field is clearly peaceful, with the water beelow im guessinf=g it was quiet lush...so you are feeling calm, healthy and prospering.the canoe tehtered there represents a way forward into the unkown away from your safe haven. however you are curious none the less and move towards it and then there is dom!and matt!and chris!you see they are the voices of your conscience, in late twenty year old prog-rockstar form...i wish my conscience was like that that wud be cool:happy: .anyway when dom says hi how do u feel? his specs indicate something deeper, something youre not being shown.he is masking his soul... thats all ill reveal for now , illl finish it soon
  3. i see!well chris is wearing a classic melancholy colour, youre subconcious must have put him in it for its significance to his mood and youre sad news.The flowers represent dom's innocence:LOL: . and the skirt, well the skirt reflects your wish to see chris in a straw skirt!obviously!whudnt we all?no just kidding....illl have to think about the skirt one! in the mean time have you had any other muse related weird-ass dreams?
  4. woah this sound like a dance of intense remorse for the one he loved.his placing it on the stand away from him symbolsises the seperation that has been forced betwwen them, and his clasping one is like a last goodbye before they must part foreverand also he is cradling this pienapple, which symbolises dom, to protect him...His putting it on a stand is also a way of dom finding a stable resting place away from the turbulance of the jig which unwinds around him. the shuffle is a tribute to michael jackson, dom was always a fan. so you see now? very simple! what else happened?
  5. maybe then its dom that never returned his love, and now he truly knows that all hope is lost!what movements was he making as he danced, i think im onto something:LOL:
  6. yeh i thouht abt getting one of those once but i prefer my brain.....that sound like im saying you dont have one...which im not.....and im not being sarcastic...and the hole im digging myself into is getting bigger....and bigger
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