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  1. beautiful, Knights of Cydonia is the #1 Requested song on 101X right now.
  2. hey, what stations are they playing it in Austin? Ive been listening to 101X and the like, but havent heard it yet.
  3. This is my buddy Shane, and his are: "Let's conspire to ignite, all the souls that would die just to feel alive." "Woah, God was in me In unbroken virgin realities I'm tired of living" "Royal Canadian blended the spicy aroma had mended me Matured for years and imported into my glass you poured it" "Your time is now."
  4. Let hope burn in your eyes They make me dream your dreams Everything about you is so easy to love, they're watching you from above As conspiracies unwind, Will you slam shut, Or free your mind, or stay hypnotised and of course the Radio 3 Version of Feeling Good
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