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  1. Been two years since they went to China! Am going to next week's gig in Yokohama Arena Tokyo with my fellow Muser friends from Muse博物館. Anyone here coming as well?
  2. Oh and thanks Lucy for posting this thread! I just wish more Chinese kids come and share some report.
  3. It's like I requested China gigs for about almost 10 years and then they finally came and I'm not able to go. It's great that I've seen them in Fuji this year. But missing the mainland gigs was heartbreaking and now I request more gigs in Japan!!
  4. Regarding the gig and Matt deleting the photo - just don't blow it up with bad handwriting on that on contract and we'll have gigs!!!
  5. http://board.musecn.net/viewthread.php?tid=3515&extra=page%3D1
  6. lol now we notice you! New post about Matt signing contract for future gigs in China! Yesh! Ps. I added you already. my weibo: http://weibo.com/stannnnn - although I did still spam on it:$
  7. I wouldn't say they have a strong base in mainland but the last two gigs in Hong Kong were fab. Welcome to the thread btw! FYI great Chinese bands? Snapline is still my top choice. They do GREAT electronic music that brings you shivers:happy: loads of people are doing folk songs and trying to remain non-commercial so they're not that recognizable to be honest. I'll tell you more if you narrow down your interests:happy: 你的中文没问题,那一句话就很流畅了啊wwww
  8. Animals brought me back!! *seriously Haven't logged in here for over a year I think, but the new album sounded awesome and called the good old days of threads spamming:$ Anyway look forward to Asia tour!
  9. Dave Seaman in town? I've only heard of Kula Shaker.. awww i hope you did get to send out the spare ticket. I myself have travelled to Taiwan by that time and watched Twinkle Rock Festival, Kula Shaker's also in line-up.
  10. Oooh Oh what did you watch/read?
  11. I've been off-Muse for months heh:DCurrently addicted to manga'n'anime and Japanese CVs...
  12. Happy Birthday to Matt! ...and I happened to see an early photo of Matt Dom and Kirky:$
  13. hahaha i'm quite surprised myself! i haven't listened to them for four to five months already! I've been into animes recently perhaps that cause some attention:D Good for you! Glad your booked one is not one of those that got cancelled...Chris having his fifth baby and cancelled shows in Minnesotta or somewhere nearby
  14. aww..*hugs* Seeing Muse is like a treat every two years for me... Consequence is I don't long for them that much anymore
  15. are you here for holidays? I heard them three are still having gigs in America. I wonder why...aren't they supposed to rest for the big ones in summer back in UK this year?
  16. 嘛……你要是和你的死党说这是Matt蜀黍的话,他们的接受度可能会高点 你这小matt可叫得年龄不符啊= =于是乎大家断线鸟……
  17. cheers:) No one is teaching me and I messed with the gear for about two months...I seriously need tutorials...
  18. 老子想找找银魂的歌看!
  19. We had a bit of gathering last Sunday, April 4th, it's quite sad actually, doing an Oasis fans gathering on QingMing Festival. But we had so much fun. http://www.douban.com/event/11590531/discussion/22959889/ First thread contains download link for part of the party in audio.Not perfect in singing but enjoy
  20. Um, Deep Purple Live in HK May 10th, interested?
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