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    Play about 7 instruments (but violin's my main squeeze). I play violin for The Leylines but also do strings for: Julie Daske, Gavin Thorpe, Ryan Inglis and Alex Lipinski (so far)
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    Girl in a band
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    Fully fledged Violinist
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    Tom Waits, Grinderman, The Violent Femmes, The Truckers of Husk, Radiohead, Guillemots, Mystery Jets, Ed Harcourt, Orphans & Vandals, Django Reinhardt, Ed Harcourt, BB King, The Kinks, Super Furry Animals, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Supergrass, The Wave Pictures, Opeth,
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    The Science Of Sleep, Life Of Brian, The Darjeeling Limited, Memento, Number 23, The Machinist, 28 Days Later, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest...
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    Trainspotting, The Seven Days Of Peter Crumb, In The Footsteps Of Harrison Dextrose, 1984, Dorian Gray, Watchmen, Brave New World, Dead Children Playing, Jekyll & Hyde, V For Vendetta...and several otheres I can't think of right now.
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  1. It's a bit Joni when she's not squeaky, bit Regina, bit Cheryl Crow. Definitely like it, well recommended.

  2. Yes to all the above. I know I know. *hangs head in shame* But yeah, 'Hollow's a great track. Listen now. I want feedback in exactly 10 minutes. Aaand...GO!

  3. Generally? Then we should talk at some point. You haven't bullied me yet, shall I listen to her now for an easy life?

  4. Im doing well generally. I've just posted my very first thread EVER in the 6 years i've been on here. Its about Julie Daske. Did i bully you into listening to her stuff? I can't remember!

  5. I'm in the same boat. I'll be feeling it tomorrow morning, at least until I get a nice hot cup of joe and pour it directly on to my eyes.

    How the devil are you then eh?

  6. Temporarily misplaced my sleep. Gonna pay for it later. I'll live. More to the point you're also online. The horror

  7. Gadzooks, the nerve! What on earth brings you here at this time of *looks at watch and cries* Monday?!?!

  8. You sir are a bounder and a cad.

  9. Huh, hi again. I'm not often around here either.i Just pop in sometimes to check&to answer. It's just nice knowing that you have an account on your fav band's webpage))

  10. Hiya!

    Sorry I hardly ever get to go on here anymore - I'm semi-retired! Cheers for joining though x

  11. hello! =)

    yes for sure!

    This site is very nice and the people are very friendly :D

  12. Hey there! I just decided to say hullo cause we're the the only two people in that gifty group. So, greetings:)

  13. Hi there!

    Glad you appreciate it! Having fun on the site?

  14. hello!

    how are you?

    I've join your group because I can't stop thinking at Matt >.<

    and I love muse =)

    nice subject :p

  15. ...be able to see Muse, but not hear them, or be able to hear them but not see them? Neither situation would be ideal, but let's just say you have no choice in the matter. I'm sure there's a few people in this kind of situation.
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