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  1. AAaahhh!!! SO sorry for the late wishes but HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR GUYS!! HUAT AAaahhh!!!
  2. @deb Wah did you get on the Transformers ride? When I was there last year, even the Battlestar was closed. Super not worth it at that time. I'm going to Las Vegas + Grand Canyon and then NYC! Planning to do some serious shopping, enough for the whole of 2012.
  3. Thanks for the bday wishes! Ooh yeah I'm pretty set on Foos, haven't bought tickets yet though. Anyone coming to watch that? Miele? Ahh well, Deb, next time then! Everyone should do some shopping there. You can find almost anything in there; great for toiletries, groceries, maybe some electronics, and awesome indian food are outside 'round the corner. Good thing I'm not a fan of Death Cab, so I can save some money there. Sorry they don't have a date for Msia Deb! Where in the world are you now? I kinda lost track reading your tweets hahaha. It seems like it was just last week that I first made plans to go to the US but wow, I'm leaving next fri!!! Pretty excited as it's my first time. Dreading the long flight though. LAMC and some Muse fans are reminiscing the '07 Muse gig at fort canning. So nice to watch KOC from that gig again. Brings back damn good memories. I hope FTP can make a good second album. They've got quite the potential. (Cheyy, I sound like an album reviewer) Thanks yah for the wishes! Yep like Liz said, Fort Canning is pretty huge and plus, it's outdoors, so it sounds impossible to be sold out haha.
  4. Sorry I've only got time to express my feelings to this, AAAAAHHH!! I'm gona regret not going tonight!
  5. Thank kayu!! Yeah Don't Stop is probably my fave song. yeah yeAH!! FTP at fort canning sold out, and then they released more tix. Since when can fort canning park get sold out?
  6. Hahaha no I didn't buy the album... heh heh heh heh heh. Oh well, I really hope Muse comes to SG & KL next round. Looks like Muse still have their sense of humour. That studio snippet was funny. That new FTP single is pretty good. The video is good too! A case of stockholm syndrome i think. And I can't believe I've been a member of this forum since 2005. Gosh, it's been 6 & 1/2 years!
  7. Thanks for the recommendations Joelyn! I actually have Torches now (heh heh heh heh heh heh) and I'm trying to get into it. Faz we will always be young as long as we want! WOOHOOO!!! Miele! So far we have Scissor Sisters, FTP, Laneway Fest, Kasabian, Judas Priest + Lamb of God. I think that's it.. Dayum, thanks to twitter, I know all this haha. Deb it's ok! I figured you'd be busy! Just an act of courtesy lah . I'm jealous you went to the USS with the NEW rides!! How was the Transformers one? That time when I was there, Battlestar was closed. So not worth it. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Liz, I'm pretty glad Muse weren't in the latest Twilight OST. I learnt in an interview that Matt explained he promised the author, when she asked, to lend some songs for Twilight if it ever got made into a movie. SO it's pretty cool that he kept his promise imo.
  8. Yeoww! It's nice to see the Msian thread on the front page again . Oh Debbie Happy belated Birthday!! Sorry it's so belated. Yeah I'm definitely not going for either gigs. Not even FTP in Sg. I only know "pumped up kicks" and "call it what you want". Sad le.
  9. Haha I can never get tired watching that video. Hola! How's school!! I just discovered this when my colleague was going through the Mad Men soundtrack. It's The Tornados - Telstar. Matt's dad's band. The song that inspired some of Knights
  10. If there's one metal band you should watch, it's them! Maybe this video can warm you up... :chuckle:
  11. WOW I hope that happens!! Selamay Hari Raya to all of you too! And maaf zahir & batin
  12. I have not heard anything from the new album yet kekeke... I hope if they have a show here it's not going to be costly too. Ok I'm listening to Promises, Promises now. Is there a faint touch of country in there, somehow?
  13. Hi! Gosh, it's been a while. Nothing Muse-y to report. Hey TIM. I know you. Debbie, I've not seen Incubus live, and maybe this time if they come to SG, I will go watch.
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