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  2. i dont think citizen or knights can be over rated enough probably time is running out purely because its been a tad over played.
  3. i think its mainly because it's not as 'rocky' or inventive as their other stuff.. plus its not harping on about aliens and the like its a tune though. especially the haarp version.
  4. at the very end of backout when matt is silhouetted against a really bright light and one of the acrobats rises slowly past him. amazing.
  5. Brambo, Love it!! Paraluman, a) How'd you mac-ify! IT looks awesome! And b) The desktop image itself LOVE! .. if you have a spare ... and your PMs are working..?
  6. OMGZ. They leik both have slightly "cowboy-ey" guitarz .. nd BOTH SET IN WILD WEST. How very dare Muse. Sheesh. Get over it.
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