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  1. i played muse in car journey an my mate thought it was radiohead an he loves them......but atleast i got him into muse aswell lol.
  2. they played the same songs both nights just in different orders. id say the worst is sing for absoloution...its kl live but the album versions a bit dull......an yeah i like all the other songs sing for absoloution is the only one i dont like.
  3. ive been intending to buy this book for a while....and i was going to today until i realised i was going on holiday for 2 weeks tommoz haha.......sounds good.i first came to muse during the release of absoloution when i saw TIRO on Kerrang.......been into them loads since and it would be cool for me to read this as ive only read probs 2 interviews with them.
  4. are there any?ive certainly never noticed any otherwise id have been in there for hours
  5. ive converted tons of people recently.....i have this huge argument on a whole school scale......one that me and my mate talf started.....is greenday better than muse.....NO! an now its a big argument at school lol....but ive managed to make loads of greenday lovers like muse
  6. id find it hard adjusting too a smaller arena since here in england im used to the big ones
  7. i always spread muse around hooever i can....the person i went to see them with at earls court i converted her wen i played it in the car wen we went camping haha i can never seem to get greenday fans into muse though...god greenday r painful to listen to
  8. well i saw them at tht crappy hanger called earls court....was truly amazing....i walked out an was speechless
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