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  1. I barely keep up with Muse or the fandom anymore, but it's good to see I'm not in the minority. Drones is just so so uninspired, and Psycho is honestly one of, if not their absolute worst song they've put out. Repetitious, uninspired, rehash, with cringe lyrics. I miss the days where I thought Supermassive Black Hole was their worst creation.
  2. I don't hate it, but it was infinitely better when it was Burning Bandits. Exo sounded like they dulled it down into an 8 bit Nintendo song.
  3. Citizen Erased. Their most beloved song, it's long, it begins heavy and then ends slow and haunting. It perfectly sums up who they were as a band.
  4. And just like that...I'm back. Look, I have such a hole in my musical life due to Muse's lackluster new albums, that anything, even a crappy demo, from a time where they were at their absolute best, is enough to get me sentimental.
  5. Maybe I'm a crusty old Muse fan, but this was just a disappointment. It's not like I'm expecting them to be OOS or BH&R good again, but some of this album was downright boring. And what was Matt smoking when he said The Globalist is Citizen Erased 2?
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