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  1. just got sent these pictures - they've put an album together of the wedding photos ahh man I'm so conflicted - do I put myself out there, try to get into wedding photography? If nothing comes of it i'll be crushed. But then, the main competition in town charges $5000 and my photos are better than hers.
  2. The bride & groom are delighted with the photos they said I need to quit my day job asap and do it for a living. If only it were that easy
  3. thanks guys the flower girl is totally adorable, when she isn't throwing a tantrum!
  4. love the first one! I do adore a good B&W portrait wedding photos are all finished. i stuck a couple up on my blog I think its definitely something I'd like to do more of. fingers crossed they're happy with the results!
  5. I hadn't really looked at it that way. it's had minimal editing done. I was considering doing another version with heavy photoshopping. lighten it up a lot and give it that flat vintage vibe. might experiment with that later today!
  6. I never bother with travel insurance tbh. So the wedding was on Friday. It went really well! This is my little teaser shot Only complaint is the wedding was outside at 11am in a bright, sunny spot. So I really struggled with getting away from the harsh shadows. Will have to edit the ceremony photos a bit more than is ideal.
  7. game iwin good, game teen teen 3D game ionline , game game iwin hot game bigone HOT

  8. mine aren't photogenic either, being that they're both black so normally look like dark blurs this was just a poochy sleeping in a doorway in Havana. There were lots of people who'd set their dogs up with like, sunglasses or a hat or something, and if you wanted to take a photo they charged you!
  9. ooh i'll look into it, thanks! sent off the contract and a form to fill in with all the wedding details (who bridesmaids are, timeline of day etc) feelin pretty professional. I'm thinking of putting together some collections of my best shots (ie, Cuba ) and approaching some cafes around town. See if they're willing to host my printed, framed photographs. Problem is that I've lost everything from 2012 and earlier, when my laptop died. So all New York, Europe etc photos are stuck on a dead harddrive. HMPH.
  10. hmm yeah, I've been looking but second hand ones are barely any cheaper than brand new! I'll just keep my eyes peeled I guess.
  11. Oh also, whats the best way to go about buying lenses? Buy from USA & get them shipped here or....?
  12. now this, I love! ah man, the more I look through my Cuba photos, the sadder I am to be back in my boring old routine. At the time it was pretty damn hard with language barriers and everything, but it only takes a few months for the rose-tinted glasses to take over
  13. that one's very cool, though I think I'd like it better completely greyscaled. It has a really spooky kind of vibe. I like greyscaled pictures if there's a lot of contrast, not so much when it's kind of murky. But I think we don't see eye-to-eye with colour at all, so I should leave it there i have a watermark now!
  14. yep, thats included in it. Also spells out monetary agreement, what I'll provide them (ie, usb drive with 2-300 edited, finished photos - web-quality shots with watermark for facebook, print quality for personal use) and says print options can be arranged, but at their cost. They're really casual about it, like 'whatever you do is fine' but yeah, people say that and then end up disappointed with a half-assed attempt. And since I want to make this like a proper THING I want to make sure I do it all right. Bit crap though, I planned to spend a weekend up there around september or so to get a feel for the place, know where the ceremony etc is. But it's a 10 hour drive! wah. I'll still do it, because I've never been there before, but I'm gonna have to take a day off work or something to work it in!
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