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  1. I'm gutted - totally disappointed. uprising is starting to grow on me, but it all sounds like rehashed 80s crud - with a bit of Bono thrown in for good measure. they've lost the rawness... god how i miss the muse of showbiz & origin...sniff
  2. According to Dublin Bus' site, there are special buses leaving Burgh Quay and it's only €6 return: http://www.dublinbus.ie/news_centre/marlay_park.asp
  3. Oh no! my company have sent me to Dublin to work this week! What's a girl to do? he he he ... I've just bought myself a ticket, I wonder if I can charge it to company expenses?
  4. I'm sure Feeling Good was used in a nescafe advert for about a week... after that it was some random band singing Feeling Good instead - I never did find out why Muse were replaced, but I'm quite happy they were! I don't want to think of nescafe when I hear Muse!
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