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  1. Check out the new album Hologram here... https://youtu.be/P7PzCUJO5_0
  2. Check it out! This one is a little rockier:
  3. Honestly this album is a huge let down as a whole, especially the 2nd half. Best songs for me: Dead Inside, The Handler (these are the only muse-quality songs IMO) OK songs: Mercy, Reapers Meh: Psycho, The Globalist Shit: Everything else This is the first album that I haven't really liked and the first where I dislike half the songs. I think it is their worst effort to date.
  4. Some drummers find it easier w/ one pedal, others easier w/ two. It's just a matter of personal preference. There is no wrong or right. In the end, all that matters is the sound that comes out of the drums... not the way you hit it. Take this guy for example: Skip to 1:00
  5. Are you guys kidding me. This song sucks. If you like it pleeeeesse check out my music on soundcloud you will think I am a rock god . I much prefer NsC because it musically had a true muse sound to it
  6. The in your world solo is too damn long. Cut it in half and add some spice somehow would have been better
  7. My one man band cover of Mercy. Let me know what you think and would appreciate you checking out my original stuff too! https://youtu.be/IfAIUVNN4xM
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