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    I thought it was Grease?
  3. pickle


    DURR! everyone just now knows recess is pure genius? ist always been one of my favourites. ist very sexy and well, great. I know I'm saying ist.
  4. Me too . HAHAHAHAHA! I understand the language he speaks so I know what he's really saying. Hah, I will never tell! I know! It'd be ok if he didn't sing in falsetto, but it just kinda sounds like screaching. Screenager's boring as well. I like Map Of Your Head and Instant Messenger. What is wrong with those songs? It's definitely time for a new CD. Lately, I've even become bored listening to OOS.
  5. Hmmmm. This is the first time I've ever been to this thread. Interesting. We are supposed to hijack Mr. Kirky's thread? Yum, spammage. Peace
  6. Sex symbol????? Oh wait...you're serious. Sure he's pretty. Most guys with dark hair and bluuuue eyes are. But sex symbol??? Half the world doesn't even know he exists. Matthew Bellamy? Yeah he's great at guitar and piano and singing. Jimi Hendrix wasn't considered a sex symbol.
  7. I'm a sophomore too! Eh, my mom doesn't really care about that shit. This guy came to our house 5 times trying to sell SAT-prep CD things. Everytime we said no and he just kept coming back. When my sister said she doesn't study things like that, he had the nerve to say something like "well, good luck for her then." People...I just hate them. My corrupt high school acts like it is the test that decides life or death. Yeah, I live in a suburb just north of Indianapolis. I wanted to go to Cedar Point ssssooooooo bad this summer but then there's my fucking father saying "It's 12 hours away." Then there's me telling him 6, but then him saying "Another 6 coming back." He's by far the cheapest man on earth. He says we can't go on vacation because my sister's in college. He wouldn't let us get anything at King's Island and yelled at me when my mom bought me an icee .
  8. I am going to try to recruit a bunch of people when school starts back up in a little over a week . Most of my friends actually like Muse. The ones that don't usually listen to shit. I also don't bother because I don't want to waste Matt, Chris, and Dom's amaaaaaaaazing talent on the undeserving. I came back from King's Island (amusement park in Ohio) yesterday and it was unbelievable how many people I saw wearing Slipknot shirts. And all I could think of was Dom in sombrero .
  9. Well if he looks sssssoooooo much like his dad, which he does, does that mean he will acquire the mustache as well? Matt with a mustache would be greatest thing ever. Muse.
  10. we just love backstreet boy and westlife, we all great mates. we all go drinking together, normally meet up with britney and have a big chat about how famous we are and are going to be and how much money we´ve got. then we gang bang the spears.
  11. How come no one has made a sex face smilie yet? Now that would be interesting. It could be a combination of and
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