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  1. Before I disturb you in the dark (Megalomania)




    Before I stab you in the dark :erm:


    Same here!


    When I'm gone it won't be long before I will stab you in the daaaaaark...


    And you can't even imagine how hard is for an italian to sing Uprising. It sounds like


    The paranoia is in bloom, the

    PR antrasmissionullrisumm

    theitrada push drugs to keep asdondandown

    And hope uill never see the truth around

    Another promise, another seen

    Another pecheleaitutripaurledinbriiii,

    And green graps wrepd rownraunrain,

    And endless red tape to keep the truth confined...


    god bless our pronunciation

  2. Map of your head:




    I'm sick of feeling my soul

    To people who'll never know

    Just how purposeless and empty they've grown

    Because the language confuses

    like computers refuse to understand how I'm feeling today





    i'm sick of feeling my soul

    so people wuul never know

    just a pourpose listen until they grow

    Because the language confuses

    is like computer no fuses



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