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  1. At my sleep-away camp they have a circus place where you learn circus acts and I remember them playing all of Absolution one day while I was there. Then during their end of summer show, they ended by doing an act to The Small Print.
  2. I tell people to listen to Muse religiously. It's great fun. And how dare you burn Muse CD's. Amazon sells all 4 albums (I'm including Hullabaloo). Sam Goody sells 3. Border's sells 4. Coconuts sells 4. FYE sells 4. Tower sells 4. Just ask the clerk at the register and they'll get you a legal copy of them.
  3. Jesus looks a lot like Matt. ... or is it Matt that is like Jesus? ER's Noah Wyle also kinda looks like Matt. However not as metaphorically as Jesus who doesn't really look like Matt at all.
  4. In Sober I thought "Royal Canadian blended" was "Oh, Canadian dollar." I'm not quite sure why. In Falling Away With You I thought "I can't remember when it was good" was "I don't remember: did I cum?" I had to listen to the song a few time to realize I was wrong. In Recess I thought "I could believe there was more" was "I could leave this world"
  5. SET ONE: 1. Apocolypse Please 2. Do We Need This? 3. Time is Running Out 4. Stockholm Syndrome 5. Space Dementia 6. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 7. Fillip 8. Sober 9. Bliss 10. Endlessly 11. The Small print 12. Cave 13. Plug In Baby SET TWO: 1. Hysteria 2. Uno 3. Unintended 4. Recess 5. Nature_1 6. Fury 7. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 8. Feeling Good 9. Sunburn 10. Screenager 11. Map of Your Head 12. In This World 13. Hyper Music 14. Con-Science 15. Minimum ENCORE: 16. Muscle Museum 17. Butterflies and Hurricanes
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