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  1. James this guy has a bunch, MSN me tonight. He has 7 Beans.
  2. There's a possibility I will be owning my dream guitar very soon. Sneak preview shot.
  3. I might pop down, haven't been to Lincoln in a while and some of my mates are studying there. Plus £6 train fare ftw.
  4. That's weird. You should always be able to match the 2 somewhere within both of thems travels.
  5. Jah. I really like them for vocals/acoustic guitar. I'd buy a pair if I could.
  6. Probably about to buy an AKG C414 TL-II
  7. "Epic win" is the worst thing on earth. Worse than drowning a puppy in a sea of dicks.
  8. Clean power? Who the fuck wants that? I want my jeans flapping around my ankles.
  9. That's quite patronising, Sam. Also, that was before I fixed it up.
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