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  1. Well, I'm all alone in the house tonight...

  2. Why have you changed your username? I'm not calling you that in public :p x

  3. Did you get my PM? Sorry for the very late reply, I forgot about it! xx

  4. Hey :) so is your sig from an anime? xx

  5. Oh that's probably why (I'm primarly a Main Muser *boo hiss lol*) oh yeah I know who you are now :happy: xx

  6. Weird question; when did you become a mod? :$ Either I'm blind or have been living under a rock lol I don't recognise you either :erm: did you have to change your username like Niall? xx

  7. Oh right! Lol silly me xx

  8. You live in Dore? My parents still live there! I visit fairly often. Did you go to Sheffield then? Don't think I saw you at the meet...? xx

  9. I haven't lived in Holland for a long time now? :p

  10. So reading between the lines = shagged a mod :LOL:


    Welcome back love - you still on XBL? xx

  11. How the hell did you get unbanned?! Hello, btw lol xx

  12. *OoS*

    Hey Frans! Yeah it was a shame, but at least we met other boardies lol :) MK ULTRAAAAA :D xxx

  13. You mean you're back being a boardie... for good? :awesome::eek: Welcome home! :kiss: I knew meeting other boardies this tour would do it hehe ;). Back in halls now, unpacking everything and listening to your HD videos :D you? I want to meet you... I feel left out now Suzi's had teh privilege, lol ;) xxx

  14. Thanks :D where've you been lately lol? xxx

  15. Haha yeah it's me - some Facebook stalking was in order to check I'd got the right person :p

    Yeah it was magical - I welled up a few times haha shaking with excitement :happy: CAAAAVE! And those rolling cloud lasers during USoE :eek: US and UD were :awesome: I can't stop listening to UD on the media player :D.

    Did you get back okay? It was a wonderful weekend, despite my hangover haha. Roll on November!



  16. *OoS*

    Oh :D:$ n00b moment - don't tell anyone ;) xxx

  17. *OoS*

    Hey, you has no Friends option :( bad times. xxx

  18. Hey, I thought I replied to you, sorry :$


    Are you going to the Saturday Teignmouth gig? :D xxx

  19. Hey, message virginity taken! :p


    How did your results go? *fingers crossed*



  20. Hey, thanks for the FB add :) you ain't got much info on it though. Yesss it's alllll <3 nah he won't it was Zane making a crap joke :p xxx

  21. Heyy btw if you need a place to stay for the Rotterdam gig, mi casa es su casa ;) xxx

  22. Do you think he'll actually air the first single? I get far too hopeful lol so I'm trying not to set myself up for disappointment :p

  23. I'm against Twitter, but I'm currently trying to provoke Zane to tell us more :p

  24. Just popped by to say: you lucky git :LOL: xxx

  25. Happy birthday again ;) xxx

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